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The Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers, Dissolved Oxygen Meters and Dissolved Oxygen Controllers Directory section from Process Controls and Instrumentation Buyers Guide is a comprehensive directory resource.

The Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers, Dissolved Oxygen Meters and Dissolved Oxygen Controllers Directory offers easy access to many dissolved oxygen analyzers, dissolved oxygen meters and dissolved oxygen controllers from industry leading dissolved oxygen analyzers, meter and controllers manufacturers.


Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer/Controller

Available in both Galvanic (alpha DO2000) and Polarographic (alpha DO2000PG) versions. Programmable for On/Off, Proportional, or PI (Proportional integral CONTROL) - ideal for most demanding precision process control applications. Calibration is quick and easy using the atmospheric air as the calibration media for 100% air saturation

Dissolved Oxygen Controller/Analyzer

Microprocessor based analyzer & controller for Dissolved Oxygen in NEMA 4X enclosure. Digital LED display, 2 control relays with adjustable deadband, alarm relay for perforated membrane, 0-1 mA and 0-5 Vdc non-isolated outputs, 4-20 mA isolated output with range expand, cycling on/off control. Standard enclosure is surface mount. Panel and Pipe mounting optional.

Dissolved Oxygen Controller 1/4 DIN

The alpha 1000 Series Controller/Transmitter includes measurement for: pH, Redox (ORP), Conductivity, Resistivity and Dissolved Oxygen. Each controller is equipped with a customized microprocessor - Application Specific Integrated Circuit, ASIC - and offers powerful features through the menu-driven SETUP program. Eight sub-menus help configure the controller for specific applications.

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Dual display of Oxygen concentration in solutions and Temperature — plus RS-232 PC interface. Measures dissolved oxygen, oxygen, plus temperature. Min/Max/Avg, Data Hold and Auto power off. Automatic Temperature Compensation. Super large 1.4" (36mm) LCD display. Built-in RS-232 PC interface with optional Data Acquisition Software and Datalogger.

Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter with LCD

The Eutech alpha DO 500 1/4-DIN 2-wire dissolved oxygen transmitter features improved circuitry design that prevents ground loop effects and provides high reliability in the measurement of Dissolved Oxygen.

Dissolved Oxygen Instruments

Simple, reliable blind transmitters are ideal for connecting to your PLC for advanced control systems. Or, connect to a recorder for a low cost documentation system. Transmitters can be installed in series with each transmitter isolated from the other to prevent disruption of operations even if one transmitter fails. Economical cost lets you install different units at multiple sites within a plant.

Dissolved Oxygen, Analyzers, Meters, Controllers, Directory

Hand Held Waterproof Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Perfect for conditions that ruin ordinary dissolved oxygen meters! The completely waterproof OAKTON DO 300 meter reads dissolved oxygen in mg/L, ppm or % saturation. Its waterproof construction lets you thoroughly wash the meter to maintain working condition.

Portable Dissolved Oxygen 6 Meter

These meters provide a great value. The ranges work to test water quality in wastewater, surface water, ground water, or drinking water. A clear LCD display shows results in ppm or mg/L with enunciators to aid in use and troubleshooting. Six simple buttons allow for freezing readings, toggling between display units and temperature results, setup, calibration, and automatic barometric and salinity compensation after manual parameter inputs.

Dissolved Oxygen, Analyzers, Meters, Controllers, Directory

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter HD 2109.1 - HD 2109.2

The HD2109.1 and HD2109.2 are portable instruments with a large LCD display. They measure the concentration (in mg/l) of dissolved Oxygen in liquids, the saturation index (in %) and the temperature using SICRAM combined probes of polarographic type with two or three electrodes and integrated temperature sensor.

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO 9709

The DO 9709 Dissolved Oxygen - Data Logger allows the measurement of the concentration (expressed in mg/l) of dissolved oxygen in liquids and of the saturation index (expressed in %), using a combined measurement of a polarographic type with two or three electrodes, and a temperature sensor inside the probe.

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