Industrial And Process Controllers Directory

The Industrial And Process Controllers Directory section from Process Controls and Instrumentation Buyers Guide is a comprehensive directory resource to industry leading industrial controller manufacturers.

The Industrial And Process Controllers Directory features temperature controllers, power controllers, limit controllers, mass flow controllers, cooling tower controllers, boiler controllers, industrial controllers, FuzyPro controllers and more for many industrial applications from the world's leading industrial controller manufacturers.


Cooling Tower Controllers - Walchem

The W400 Cooling Tower Controllers represent the latest in technological and innovative advancements from Walchem. All of the standard features you'd expect from a conventional cooling tower controller are included, plus optional simple-to-use information management tools that enable water treatment professionals to deliver more effective service to their customers.

Boiler Controllers - Walchem

The WBL/WDB400 Boiler Controllers and WCM/WDC400 Condensate Monitors represent the latest in technological and innovative advancements from Walchem. All of the standard features you'd expect in conventional boiler controllers/condensate monitors are included, plus optional simple-to-use information management tools that enable water treatment professionals to deliver more effective service to their customers..

Industrial Controllers - HCS

Industrial Controllers from Heaters Controls And Sensors is a comprehensive industrial controllers resource. This industrial controllers directory features industrial temperature controllers, industrial power controllers, industrial limit controllers, ndustrial panel meters, industrial digital Indicators, FuzyPro industrial controllers and more.

Industrial Heating Single And Three Phase SCR Power Controllers - HCS

Single and Three Phase SCR Power Controllers are, available with a wide variety of pre-engineered options, are ideally suited for abroad range of applications.They are designed for use with all two, three and four wire resistive, capacitive and inductive loads.

Input/Output Controller - HCS

Field Selectable Input/Output Controller features universal field selectable outputs for the main control output. The main control output can be selected from a relay contact, a voltage pulse, or a 4 to 20 mAmp output.

Limit Controllers - HCS

Limit Controllers from Heaters Controls And Sensors presents a comprehensive limit controllers directory resource. This limit controllers directory features FM approved limit controllers, Hi limit controllers, 1/4 DIN limit alarm, 1/4 DIN limit alarm and more.

Multi-Parameter Controllers & Analyzers - Shark

SHARK is designed to be the most flexible, easy to use, and easy to see multi-parameter analyzer/controller on the market. Select the parameter you wish to measure from the easy-to-use LCD menu on the inside front cover. Choose pH, ORP, Conductivity or Flow.

pH/ORP Controllers - Walchem

The WPH410/420 and WDP410/420/440 Series pH/ORP on-line process controllers are designed for a broad range of industrial, commercial, and municipal water treatment applications. WPH controllers are easily configured to accurately measure pH or mV (ORP) values from Walchem's WEL and WDS differential combination electrodes, or any conventional combination electrode.

Position Controllers

Compact single axis position controllers, dual axis position controllers, and four axis position controllers. These modern "stand alone" units have very extensive funcions, features and tools.

Pulsafeeder Controllers - Pulsafeeder

The MicroTrac, MicroVision microprocessor based feed and bleed toroidal conductivity controllers designed to control conductivity and feed inhibitor in cooling tower systems. PULSAblue Water Treatment Controllers come in many models. PULSAtrol Cooling Tower Controllers featuring cooling tower controllers from the ACT Series, MC9200 Series, MC9300/9500 Series, and DCS900 Series.

Programmable Controllers

Programmable controllers, PLC's and programmable logic controllers from Process Controls and Instrumentation is a comprehensive programmable controllers directory resource. This programmable controllers directory features programmable controllers, PLC's and programmable logic controllers and more from the world's leading programmable controller manufacturers.

Pump Controllers - Ktech

Ktech Industrial Products Inc., Pump Controllers are installed to automatically operate a pump to control the level of a liquid in a tank.

Pump Controllers are used in conjunction with Ktech Multi-Level Float Switches.

Solid State Motor Controllers - HCS

Solid State Motor Controllers are used in a large variety of applications where motors have to be ramped up to speed or for phase angle control of heaters, pumps, lights, fans etc. Output modules can be selected according to the size of the motor or as needed by the load current.

Temperature Controllers

Temperature Controllers for a wide variety of temperature control applications. Choose from standard or deluxe models. Both controller models provide excellent control accuracy and power capabilities, making them ideal for pilot process plants, R & D labs or OEM requirements. Use as a benchtop controller or panel mount with the optional panel mount kit, sold separately.

Water Treatment Controllers - Walchem

WebMaster Industrial online process controller with 8 relays, up to 4 direct sensor inputs, 8 analog inputs, 12 digital inputs, local/remote communications, data logging and email/text message alarms.

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