Linear Displacement Measurement: Linear Variable Differential Transformer

The Linear Displacement Measurement: Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) Directory section from Process Controls and Instrumentation Buyers Guide is a comprehensive directory resource of manufacturers and suppliers in Canada.

The Linear Displacement Measurement: Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) Directory offers a wide variety of LVDT's, LVDT indicators and LVDT conditioners from the world's leading manufacturers.


LVDT Indicators

The Tracker 260 Series of LVDT Indicators are designed specifically for use with LVDT transducers. Data Tracks "Fast Cal" feature provides a fast and simple method of calibrating an indicator to the transducer at any two stroke positions. The Tracker 260 LVDT Indicators are configured for the correct transducer excitation voltage and frequency as recommended by the sensor manufacturer.

Precision LVDT Conditioner

Precision LVDT Conditioner Ectron Model 451 is a unique advance in conditioners for LVDT and RVDT transducers. For the first time, the conditioner can be calibrated to the transducer without using a costly and time consuming laboratory procedure.

Trans-Tek Linear Velocity Transducer Series 100

Linear Velocity Transducer Trans-Tek Series 100 provides a simple yet accurate means of measuring linear velocity.

Trans-Tek Angular Displacement Transducer Series 600

Angular Displacement Transducer Trans-Tek Series 600 combine the accuracy of costly optical shaft angle encoders, the infinite resolution (analog output) of the RVDT.

Trans-Tek Angular Displacement Transducer Model 0605

Rotary Position Transducer Trans-Tek Model 0605 has been designed to provide a simple means of inputting angular position into analog or digital systems.

Trans-Tek Displacement Transducer DC-DC Series 200

Displacement Transducer Trans-Tek Series 200 are precision Linear Variable Differential Transformers packaged with a solid state oscillator and a phase sensitive demodulator.

Trans-Tek Displacement Transducer DC-DC Series 240

Displacement Transducers DC-DC Trans-Tek Series 240 are an integrated package consisting of a precision linear variable differential transformer, a solid state oscillator, and a phase-sensitive demodulator.

Trans-Tek Gauging Transducer DC-DC Series 350

Gauging Transducers DC-DC Trans-Tek Series 350 are an integrated package consisting of a spring loaded spindle, precision linear variable differential transformer, a solid state oscillator, and a phase-sensitive demodulator.

Trans-Tek 3/8" AC LVDT Series 230

The eight individual models in the AC LVDTs Trans-Tek Series 230 have been designed to provide temperature stable, precision, linear position measurement.

Trans-Tek Spring Actuated AC-AC LVDT's, Series 310-320

pring Actuated AC-AC LVDT's Trans-Tek Series 310-320 are available in full stroke displacements of 0.5 to 20 inches, the transducers are ideal for use in single or multi-point gauging systems.

Trans-Tek 3/8" Gauging AC-AC LVDT's, Series 330

Linear Displacement Sensing with Tran-Tek Series 330 3/8" AC Gaging LVDTs provide precise Linear Displacement Sensing in a compact, spring loaded package.

Trans-Tek AC LVDT's Series 210-220 Oscillator/Demodulator

Linear Displacement Measurement AC LVDTs Trans-Tek Series 210-220 offer precision Linear Displacement Measurement for applications with full strokes from 0.5 to 60 inches.

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