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The Digital Panel Indicators, Process Indicators, Digital Panel Meters Directory section from Process Controls and Instrumentation Buyers Guide is a comprehensive directory resource of manufacturers and suppliers in Canada.

Process Indicators directly measure the performance of key processes that affect customer expectations. Specific actions can be taken to improve the performance of these process indicators, which in turn should improve the performance of the result measurables.

The Digital Panel Indicators, Process Indicators, Digital Panel Meters Directory offers access to wide array of process indicators and digital panel meters from industry leading manufacturers.


1/32 Din Digital Panel Indicator

Digital Panel Indicator 1/32 DIN Tracker 232 from Data Track, low cost, universal input, compact size, alarm/relay options/ low voltage option, small size.

Analog Panel Meters

Wilbac™ Electric Panel Meters and accessories. For off-the-shelf or custom products Design Development, LLC develops the famed WILBAC™ series of electric analog panel meters -- world-renowned and trusted for over 30 years -- and offers a wide range of related products and services

Digital Indicators

Featuring Doric 500T Series Temperature Indicators, Doric 500D Economical, User-Scalable, DC Input Indicator, Doric 500G User-Scalable Strain-Gage & Load Cell Indicator.

Digital Panel Indicators

A Complete Range of Universal Input Digital Panel Indicators for Temperature and Process Measurement.

Digital Panel Indicators

The Tracker 280 Series of indicators are designed for demanding industrial applications for use with sensors that give AC or pulse outputs. The Tracker 280 Series can be used for measurement and display only applications or can act as a transmitter using the analogue output. The alarm option allows the Tracker 280 to be used as an alarm trip or batch controller.

Digital Panel Meters

Digital Panel Meters Doric 1000 Pro Series are designed as a low-cost solution, they offer ruggedness and reliability for many current, voltage, frequency and process applications.

Digital Panel Meters

The Tracker 211 Digital Panel Meter is designed for cost conscious "no frills" applications in demanding industrial environments.

Digital Process Indicators

DIS Series I Digital Process Indicators, DIS Series II Digital Process Indicators from Wilkerson Instruments.

Digital Temperature Panel Meters

A competitively priced, fully programmable Temperature panel meter suitable for Thermocouple and PT100 (RTD) inputs. It features a fully scaleable 4 digit bi-colour LED display across the range -999 to + 9999. 4 alarm output options are fitted as standard where the display changes colour in the alarm condition if programmed to do so.

Digital Temperature Indicator/Data Logger

Programmable Digital Temperature Indicator and Data Logger Doric 5000 Series of single and multiple channel digital temperature indicators sets a new standard for performance, features, value and reliability.

Laboratory Precision Digital Benchtop/Panel Indicators

When it comes to ruggedness, reliability and laboratory accuracy, the Doric 600/461/462 Series of multifunction digital panel meters are your ideal answer to your most demanding process and test measurement applications.

Large Digit Process Digital Display

The LDDP-2000 is a highly flexible microprocessor based large digit process display with a standard scaleable display range of - 9999 to + 99999. The display is programmable for a wide variety of industry standard inputs, from an infra red (IR) hand held programmer (Model LDDPH, see ordering information).

Large Digit Totiliser Digital Displays

The LDDT-2000 is a 6 digit single or dual input Totaliser fully scaleable across the range 0.0001 to 99999 with a multiply or divide option. They accept inputs from PNP or NPN 3 wire proximity sensors, voltage from 10.5 to 30V and can accept coincident or noncoincident pulses from 2 lines and display the total or difference between two accumulated totals with up to 10 years of memory retention.

Load Cell & Weighing Indicators

Tracker Load Cell And Weighing Indicators Tracker 240 Series are specifically designed for use with load cell transducers and for weighing applications.

LVDT Indicators

The Tracker 260 Series of LVDT Indicators are designed specifically for use with LVDT transducers.

Melt Pressure Indicators

The Tracker 250 Series Melt Pressure Indicator is designed specifically for use with Melt Pressure Transducers.

Programmable Large Digit Rate/Frequency Digital Displays

The LDDRF-2000 is a 5 digit fully scaleable Quartz Crystal stabilised pulse input Rate/Frequency meter accepting Contact Closure, PNP or NPN proximity sensors and voltage pulses from 10.5 to 30V.

Process Digital Panel Meters

A competitively priced, fully programmable Process panel meter suitable for current and voltage inputs. It features a fully scaleable 5 digit bi-colour LED display across the range -9999 to +99999. 4 alarm output options are fitted as standard where the display will change colour in the alarm condition if programmed to do so.

Strain Gauge/Loadcell Digital Panel Meters

A competitively priced, fully programmable Strain Gauge/Loadcell panel meter suitable for Loadcells with a typical sensitivity of 2mv/V and for high sensitivity applications. It features a fully scaleable 5 digit bi-colour LED display across the range -9999 to +99999. 4 alarm output options are fitted as standard where the display changes colour in the alarm condition if programmed to do so.

Temperature, DC Voltage And Scaled DC Digital Indicators

Digital Indicators Doric 400A Series sets the standard for quality, reliability, and cost-effective performance.

Transducer Indicator Model 1003

Transducer Indicator Trans-Tek Model 1003 provides complete electronic support to AC and DC LVDT's, or other DC powered transducers.

Universal 5-Digit, Process & Temperature Indicators

The new Tracker 212 is an all-in-one, attractively designed and priced unit. It has been engineered as a universal process and temperature indicator with user linearization features for 4-20 mA signals.

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