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The Linear Displacement Sensors - Linear Displacement Measurement Directory section from Process Controls and Instrumentation Buyers Guide is a comprehensive directory resource of manufacturers and suppliers in Canada.

The Linear Displacement Sensors - Linear Displacement Measurement Directory offers a wide variety of linear displacement, sensors, transducers from the world's leading manufacturers.


Displacement Measuring System

Kaman Instrumentation’s Multi-VIT Displacement Measuring System, the KD-2300, is a noncontact linear proximity measuring system.This easy-to-use system makes high precision static and dynamic measurements for product design, fabrication, process control, and inspection of metal objects. It replaces LVDTs, air gauges, dial indicators, and micrometers.

Displacement Transducers

Displacement Transducers DC-DC Trans-Tek Series 240 are designed for excellent linearity, infinite resolution, and high sensitivity. Input and output circuits are electrically isolated from each other and from the coil assembly housing, making them usable directly in floating or ground return systems. DC indicators, recorders, and control systems can usually be driven directly by the large DC output. The core, when displaced axially within the coil assembly, produces a voltage change in the output directly proportional to the displacement.

High Temperature Displacement Sensors and Measuring Systems

Kaman Instrumentation ’s High Temperature Displacement Sensors provide accurate noncontacting measurement of conductive surface motion in hostile environments.Thermal compensation techniques that maintain sensitivity and linearity with small zero shifts make accurate high temperature measurements possible.

Linear Displacement Measurement

Linear Displacement Measurement AC LVDT's have been designed to provide a temperature coefficient of sensitivity below 0.1%/°F and non-linearities of less than 0.25% F.S. The full scale output and packaging are but two of the many parameters which have been standardized to provide the designer the ability to change measurement ranges with the confidence that total system performance will be not affected.

Linear Displacement Sensors

Linear Displacement Sensor is compatible with all standard strain-gauge instrumentation with bridge excitation from 2 to 10 volts. With a selection of Linear Displacement Sensor models having full-scale ranges from 1/4 in (5 mm) to 4 in (500 mm), Micro-Measurements Linear Displacement Sensor features a unique design that produces maximum operating forces of less than 1 lb. (4.4 N). Available with specially designed mounting fixtures, these versatile Linear Displacement Sensor are ideally suited for use in research, manufacturing and process control applications.

Linear Displacement Sensing

Linear Displacement Sensing with Tran-Tek Series 330 3/8" AC Gaging LVDTs provide precise Linear Displacement Sensing in a compact, spring loaded package. Advanced coil winding techniques are employed to minimize package length and optimize overall performance. Spring forces have been carefully selected to insure the proper balance of mechanical frequency response and tip force.

Linear Position Transducer

The Short Longfellow is frequently used for measuring linear position or displacement up to 6" on a wide variety of manufacturing and process equipment. The mechanical design of the unit's front bearing, anodized extruded aluminum housing, stainless steel shaft and precious metal wipers are suitable for a factory's harsh environment. Based on the proprietary MystR® conductive plastic film, it provides a high resolution, absolute position measurement without external signal conditioners.

Non-Contact Position And Displacement Sensing

The KD-2306 is a non-contact linear displacement measuring instrument. When paired with any of the supported sensors it becomes an easy to use, high precision static and dynamic measuring system. Applications range from lab work, to production/process automation. The DIN rail mount interface makes it ideal for integration into OEM equipment and industrial control applications. It is a cost effective replacement for LVDT's, air gauges, dial indicators and micrometers.

Non Contact Displacement Transducer Products

Capacitec Non-Contact Displacement Transducer Products. Key features noted for their large linear range versus small outside diameter of probe package. Particularly well suited in applications of magnetic fields, high resolution, high temperature. Typical applications include: Computer hard disc drives; Gas turbine tip clearance; Disc brake testing; Tooling dimensions.

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