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The Industrial Pumps: Pump Manufacturers Directory section from Process Controls and Instrumentation Buyers Guide is a comprehensive directory resource.

The Industrial Pumps: Pump Manufacturers Directory provides a comprehensive range of Industrial Pumps, Manufactures, Directory, Chemical Pumps, Stock Pumps, ANSI Pumps, API Pumps, Mag Drive Pumps, Double Suction Pumps, End Suction Pumps, Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Peristaltic Pumps, Metering Pumps for industrial pump applications.

Industrial Pumps: Pump Manufacturers Directory (A - L)

Albany Pump Company

Whatever your pumping application, Albany Pump can assist in your all aspects of your pump selection process. In addition to our own manufactured products, we offer an established distribution line with many of the best industry related companies and offer knowledge and information on all of these products.

Aro Pumps

ARO Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, Piston Pumps, Dispensing Solutions, Lubrication Equipment From Ingersol Rand available from Burlington Pump.

Barnes Pumps

The Barnes Pumps family of pump products provides versatility, high performance and unequaled value. For more than a century, design and specifying engineers, plumbing contractors and end-users including homeowners have relied on Barnes Pumps for reliability and durability.

Berkeley Pumps

Berkeley fast priming centrifugal pumps with rugged, all iron construction for superior resistance to erosion and corrosion from most liquids. Berkeley centrifugal pumps are built for continuous dependable performance and ease of repair. High lift design allows suction lifts up to 25 feet at sea level.

Blue White Industries

Blue-White Industries CHEM-FEED diaphragm type and, FLEXFLO peristaltic type metering pumps are designed for efficient, accurate chemical injection. Metering injectors are offered with many standard voltage and output rate options.

Burks Pumps

Burks Pumps offers extraordinarily versatile lines of end suction standard and self-priming centrifugal pumps, in-line centrifugal pumps and regenerative turbine pumps. All Burks Pumps are offered in either close-coupled or frame-mounted designs. Materials availability includes all bronze, all iron, bronze fitted cast iron and 316 SS.

CH&E Pumps

CH&E Pumps, CH&E Centrifugal Pumps, CH&E Trash Pumps, or CH&E Diaphragm Pumps. You've just come across a most incredible web page to help you find CH&E Pumps.

Industrial Pumps, Manufactures, Directory

Camac Pumps

Camac Pumps are centrifugal in design and constructed of rugged CPVC, KYNAR®, Polypropylene, Carpenter 20 Stainless Steel and Rubber Line Steel. Most models are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

Caster Pumps

Caster Pump (WARRENDER, LTD.) specializes in technically advanced, hermetically sealed pumping systems. Caster seal-less mag-drive pumps are available in 18 designs with over 250 basic models. Caster is devoted to the production of seal-less magnetically coupled pumps. These Caster seal-less mag-drive pumps are built to withstand the most severe process conditions.

Continental Progressive Cavity Pumps

Continental Progressing Cavity Pumps have time tested and proven unique characteristics that make them advantageous in performance over all other kinds of Pumps. They are built of various materials in many sizes with capacities from less than one gpm to over 500 gpm and pressures to 450 psi.

Crane Pumps

Crane Pumps & Systems Canada serves the diverse needs of diverse markets for fluid handling equipment throughout Canada. All of the CP&S brands - Barnes Pumps, Barnes Pressure Systems, Burks Pumps, Crown Pumps, Deming Pumps, Prosser Pumps, and Weinman Pumps - are sold and serviced through Burlington Pumps.


The uniqe disc technology incorporates the principles of boundary layer and viscous drag. Disc pumps will handle highly abrasive, high solids, large or stringy solids and viscous slurries and sludge and are employed in a wide range of industrial applications.

Eastern Centrichem

Eastern Centrichem single-stage and multi-stage Centrifugal Pumps are designed for a wide variety of process industry applications, pilot plant operations, and laboratory uses.


EBARA Fluid Handling - Submersible Water and Wastewater Pumps.

Flux Pumps

Flux Pumps was the first German company to manufacture barrel pumps according to our own designs and patents. Continually increasing customer demands stimulate us in our policy of ongoing development of new, high quality pumps.

G & L Goulds Pumps

G & L Goulds Pumps featuring End-Suction Centrifugal Pumps, Multi-Stage Pumps, Variable Speed Pumps, Waste Water/Sewage Pumps and specialty pumps.

Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos Pumps are made for providing the people of the world with water – day in and day out, and in an efficient and reliable way. And for any purpose, whether the water is used to satisfy thirst, irrigate fields, water animals, speed industrial processes, heat or cool buildings, or handle waste-water.

Gusher Pumps

Gusher Pumps, manufacturer of Rumaco®, Ruthman, and Gusher® pumps, represents one of the largest selection of centrifugal pumps available from a single manufacturer. Models include close-coupled pumps, end suction pumps, immersed pumps, self-priming pumps, vortex pumps, sludge pumps, multi-stage pumps, full cantilever pumps.


New Hydra-Cell Metering Pump solutions build upon our industry hallmark Hydra-Cell pump technology. With thirty plus years of proven performance and reliability in the toughest industrial equipment, process and metering applications, these pumps are the undisputed pump of choice for trouble-free operation where other pumps simply cannot survive.


INTERPUMP Piston Pumps - Ideal for portable and stationary high pressure cleaning systems and wather sandblasting units.

Lutz Pumps

Lutz Pumps has focused its efforts on the specialist field of "Drum and Container Pumps". The wide variety of application, liquids and container dimensions has determined the spread of the Lutz range now extending to Tank pumps, Air operated double diaphragm pumps and Magnetic drive pumps as well as a complete range of flow meters.

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