Industrial Relays: Time Delay Relay (TDR) - Solid State Relay (SSR) Directory

The Industrial Relays: Time Delay Relay (TDR) - Solid State Relay (SSR) Directory section from Process Controls and Instrumentation Buyers Guide is a comprehensive directory resource.

Relays are devices making or breaking electric circuits by their output section driven by operational signal, which is triggered by electric input signal controlled by switching devices. This section offers a wide-range of NEMA Industrial Relays designed for heavier-duty applications, large loads and long life to meet your industrial control application needs.

A solid-state relay (SSR) is an electronic switching device that switches on or off when a small external voltage is applied across its control terminals.

 The Industrial Relays: Time Delay Relay (TDR) - Solid State Relay (SSR) Directory section offers a comprehensive range of relays, solid state relays, time delay relays and solid state relays from leading manufacturers.


Control Relays

Liquid Level Control Relay DSFC, Electronic Amplifier Relay DSTC, Thermistor Motor Protection Relay DHC, Compact Power Supply with Relay DNEZ5, Compact Power Supply with Relay NTC5, and Programmable Digital Timer/Counter ENS20.

DC Input Dual Limit Alarm Two SPDT Relays Fixed Range

The MM1020 monitors a DC input signal and provides two sets of spdt, 5 A alarm relays with two independently adjustable setpoints. Each setpoint has a set of red/green LEDs to indicate alarm status. When the input is between the setpoints, the relays are normally de-energized. When the signal exceeds a particular setpoint, the relay becomes energized. To provide a fail-safe operation (loss of power resulting in an alarm state), select Option R.

General Purpose Plug In Relays

The Model 280 and 281 General Purpose Plug In Relays are heavy duty, high quality relays available at a competitive price. UL Recognized and CSA approved, the Model 280 and 281 have a long life of over 10 million mechanical operations. Model 280 and 281 relays are available in a variety of AC and DC voltages. Mounting configurations are standard 8- and 11-pin octal.

Intrinsically Safe Input Relays

Intrinsically Safe Input Relays (IS Relays) . Check out our relays with intrinsically safe inputs. Models available in 12, 24 and 120V and each of them can be used with probes or float switches.

Industrial Relays, Directory

On/Off Delay Relay

An electronic time delay relay which provides two functions: on delay, and true off delay.

Industrial Relays, Directory

Operate Delay Relay

A DPDT high-accuracy digital timer.
Solid-state timing circuits in each model drive an internal electromechanical relay.

Industrial Relays, Directory

Release Delay Relays

A DPDT, high-accuracy digital timer.

Industrial Relays, Directory

Operate Delay Relay

A high accuracy electronic timing circuit driving two internal SPDT relays.

Industrial Relays, Directory

Operate Delay Relay

A DPDT, high-accuracy timer with a solid-state timing circuit driving an internal electromechanical relay.

Industrial Relays, Directory

Operate Delay Relay

Designed for a wide range of industrial applications.

PCB Safety Relays

According to EN 50 205, IEC 60 255, IEC 60 664,DIN VDE 0106. With positively driven contacts. Contact opening > 0,5 mm for the whole life, as well as with malfunction and with 1,6 UN. Clearance and creepage distances, contact-coil-8 mm. High voltage resistance- 4 kV. High switching reliability due to crown contacts. Small height 39.5 mm. High temperature range - At OA 5601 and OA 5602: -25 ... +85°C, At OA 5603: -25 ... +75°C .

Industrial Relays, Directory

Re-Acceleration Relay

Designed to take the place of a voltage sensing relay and two time delay relays.

Industrial Relays, Directory

Release Delay Relay

Designed for a wide usage in new or replacement industrial applications.

Industrial Relays, Directory

Release Delay Relay

A DPDT, high-accuracy timer with a solid-state timing circuit driving an internal electromechanical relay.

Safety Relays

The multifunctional concept of the S² series provides cross-circuit detection and evaluation of non-equivalence signals up to safety cat. 4. In addition to emergency-stop and safety door monitoring, these safety standards can also be used for safety mats and light curtain. Two-hand control and time delay for controlled shutdown complete the TELE range of safety products for man and machine.

Solid State Relays

SSR (Solid State Relays) for load control with higher benefits than electromechanical contactors and reliable, accurate power transfer.
Supplied with optional accessories: filters, fuses, aluminium heatsinkers, clamps for DIN rail mounting 35mm.

Time Delay Relays

Time Delay Relays, Analog & Digital Programmable Multifunction Timer Relays
Ingram has an assortment of timers, analog, digital, 7 day timers, even some with instantaneous and time delay contacts! Our seven day programmable timers (weekly programmable timers) work great for many applications where scheduled actions are required. We also offer time delay relay mounts.

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