Oxygen Sensors (O2 Sensors): Dissolved Oxygen Probes (DO Probes) - Dissolved Oxygen Sensors (DO Sensors) Directory

The Oxygen Sensors (O2 Sensors): Dissolved Oxygen Probes (DO Probes) - Dissolved Oxygen Sensors (DO Sensors) Directory section from Process Controls and Instrumentation Buyers Guide is a comprehensive directory resource.

The Oxygen Sensors (O2 Sensors): Dissolved Oxygen Probes (DO Probes) - Dissolved Oxygen Sensors (DO Sensors) Directory offers a wide variety of dissolved oxygen sensors and dissolved oxygen probes from industry leading manufacturers.


Dissolved Oxygen Products

The Oakton Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Cleaning System is a simple way to keep your DO probe membrane clean for accurate readings and long life. Use with Oakton industrial probe WD-35201-50 and -52 (sold separately; see DO 1000 controller ad).

Laboratory Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Our laboratory dissolved oxygen probe features highly reliable, and fast responding galvanic technology. The compact and portable design is versatile enough for use as a hand-held or for use in on-line DO measurements. In addition to the standard products listed, DO sensors can be customized for specific applications or packaging requirements.

Process Dissolved Oxygen Probes

For Aquaculture and Wastewater, our process dissolved oxygen probes are designed for long term deployment. They feature reliable and fast responding galvanic technology for dependable operation. They are available as mV output devices or with 4-20mA outputs. In addition to the products listed, customization is available to tailor DO sensors for specific applications or packaging requirements.

Dissolved Oxygen Probe Accessories

Our dissolved oxygen probe accessories include Membrane Replacement kits with Teflon or HDPE membranes, bulk packets of membranes and DO electrolyte. Dissolved Oxygen probe Membrane Kits are used for routine maintenance of DO sensors and are available for DO-6000 and DO-7000 series sensors with Teflon or HDPE membranes. All kits include 500 mL electrolyte, DO membrane removal tool, 1 O-ring body seal and 5 replacement membranes and membrane O-rings.

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