Wilbac™ Electric Panel Meters

Wilbac Electric. Panel Meters

Wilbac Electric. Panel Meters

Wilbac Electric Analog Panel Meters

Wilbac™ Electric Panel Meters and accessories. For off-the-shelf or custom products Design Development, LLC develops the famed WILBAC™ series of electric analog panel meters -- world-renowned and trusted for over 30 years -- and offers a wide range of related products and services, including:

  • Wilbac Electric. Panel Meters
    Meter Accessories (including DC Meter Shunts, & AC Meter Transformers)
  • Custom Meter Design & Manufacturing

  • Custom Meter Dial/Face Design

  • Instrument Dial/Face Refinishing

  • Repair/Renovation of Wilbac™ and Other Panel Meter

Designed for reliability, precision and versatility, Wilbac™ meters provide an affordable quality meter -- assembled, calibrated and tested with American craftsmanship and reliability, and protected with a solid warranty.

Wilbac Electric Analogue Panel Meters - 2 Families

Wilbac™ C-Series:
Our versatile, precision custom meters, crafted for YOUR specific needs, in various styles, designed to accommodate a wide range of installations and applications.
Wilbac™ E-Series:
Our "affordable precision" economy line, for bulk orders -- available in a wide range of models -- allowing you the reliable precision of an American-assembled, American-calibrated, American-tested instrument, at import prices, for large-quantity orders.

Our SERVICES include:

  • Servicing* of all current and former Wilbac™ analog panel meters.
    * (repair, refinishing & remanufacturing)
  • Servicing of many other brands of analog panel meters.

  • Vintage instrument restoration.

  • Custom dial/face work for most brands of panel meters:
    - custom design
    - silk screening
    - refinishing

Digital Panel Meters/Mechanical Hour Meters/Pressure Indicators
Design Development LLC can offer digital panel meters, mechanical hour meters and pressure indicators for a wide range of applications. Give us your requirements and we will be happy to quote.


Wilbac Electric. Panel Meters
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