Preset Digital Counter DN-UC-2DMA from Fuzenba

Preset,Digital,Counter,DN-UC-2DMA,Fuzenba Character:

*Controller with socket, it is easy installation and cost down.
*Preset value- use push-wheel switch, it is easy for setting.
*Panel cover could avoid dusty, oil gas, man-made mistakes.
*LED display- use large character, high light red.


*Panel size: DIN 72x72 mm
*Decimal point: (order to manufacture)
*Input speed: 30CPS,300CPS
*Reset method: Manual, External, Auto
*Power consumption: 3.5VA
*Operate environment:
-10~+60 degree C , 35%~85% RH
*Power supply: AC110/220V, 50/60Hz
*Output: Relay (1A,B/AC240V/5A)


Application controlling - Quatity, Length, Angle.

Preset Digital Counter from Fuzenba from Access Controls Sales

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