Accessories from Lathem

Lathem Time manufactures a complete line of accessories to complement its time recorders, time clocks, automated systems, master controls and signal devices.

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Time Recorder Accessories
Accessories for time recorders include time cards, racks and ribbons:

  • Time cards
    Time cards may be ordered single or double-sided, with special ink colors, and may optionally be printed on Manila Tag.

  • Racks
    Racks are available in 12-capacity or 25-capacity, and hold 7" or 9" cards. Racks are available in cool gray or black.

  • Ribbons
    Nylon and cotton ribbons are available for time recorders and the LT time stamp series. Silk ribbons are available for the LT series.

    Automated Systems Accessories
    A wide range of accessories are available for Lathem Time's PayClock series and the Omni:Chron.

    PayClock Accessories
    • 25-BB - Badge rack - 25 capacity, black (specify pocket numbers).
    • PAYBDG - PayClock badges - pack of 25.
    • VIS0223 - Standard hole punch for use with PayClock Badges.
    • VMM8058 - PayClock cable and connectors - 25 ft.
    • SAE0046 - PayClock cable and connectors - 50 ft.
    • VIE0490 - 9-pin to 25-pin cable adaptor.
    • SP2 - Surge protector with double outlet.
    Omni:Chron Accessories
    • 25-BB - Badge rack - 25 capacity, black (specify pocket numbers).
    • LTR-0 - Mini-Master, 0-circuit controller.
    • DWA-S - Sonachron, 1-circuit/1-schedule x 1,440 events.
    • DDC4-R - Digital wall clock, 4" LED display.
    • GSX190 - Citizen serial printer.
    • VIS0230 - Hole punch, heavy duty.
    • VIS0235 - Clip for photo ID badges.
    • VIS0246 - Badge reader cleaning tool.
    • VIS0260 - OMC II badges, pack of 25.
    • VIS0263 - Photo ID badges, box of 100.
    • VIS0470 - Paper roll and ribbon.
    • SAE0025 - OMC to OMC transfer cable.
    • SAE0035 - OMC to host (25-pin).
    • SAE0037 - OMC to modem (25-pin)
    Accessories for Master Controls
    Various power supplies and boosters are available for use with the Master Controls Series.
    • PS8-24 - 5amp, 115/220VAC, 24VAC, RTN, 12V 1/2 Wave, 24VDC power supply.
    • PS8-2412 - 5amp, 24VDC & 12VDC power supply (for 2-wire impulse only).
    • PS5-24B - 5amp, 24VAC power booster.
    • PS8-24B - 5amp, 24VDC power booster.
    • DWA3312 - Bezel for optional semi-flush mounting.
    Accessories for Signal Devices
    Lathem's high performance bells and horns are ideally suited for industrial signaling applications where high sound, low current draw, and dependable operation are essential.
    • 906 - 6" Bell (Wheelock) 115VAC
    • 950 - Horn (Wheelock) 115VAC
    • DWA3312 - Bezel for DWA384-4 (for semi-flush mounting)
    • DDC4-R - 4" Digital Wall Clock
  • Accessories from Lathem

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