PayClock Pro PC3500TX Terminal

PayClock Pro PC3500TX Ethernet Terminal

The PC3500TX utilizes standard Ethernet connections, allowing electronic communication via existing TCP/IP networks within a facility. This powerful terminal also offers a robust set features designed to empower employees and maximize productivity.

The PC3500TX terminal offers extended functionality to keep up with even the most demanding time and attendance needs. The terminal's "real-time" communications allows punches to show up immediately as they occur, and also allows employees to view accurate up-to-the-minute totals at the terminal.

PC3500TX Features
  • Standard TCP/IP Ethernet communications
  • 600 employee capacity
  • 300 department capacity
  • Department transfers
  • Tips and amount entry
  • Review last punches
  • Review total hours for this and last pay periods
  • Review 3 benefit time balances (sick, vacation, etc.)
  • Review 3 days of work schedules
  • Schedule restriction (lockout)
  • ... and more!

The PC3500TX uses a powerful new TCP/IP communications engine that has been added to PayClock Pro's Terminal Manager Module. All new PayClock Pro systems will ship with the latest version of Terminal Manager, and any customer that will be upgrading to the PC3500TX terminal must also upgrade their PayClock Pro software to version 3.353 (Service Pack 3).

PayClock Pro Software
The PayClock Pro PC3500 terminal utilizes Lathem Time's PayClock Pro software, a powerful, adaptable and complete Time and Attendance system designed to accommodate the complex payroll and attendance rules of multi-faceted organizations, as well as the varying rules between different groups of employees within the organization.

The system is enhanced by the power of a true, Windows-based operating system, offering "point, click and drag" efficiencies, combined with a real-time database engine which delivers instantaneous, automated calculations.

Equally important, PayClock Pro provides the extensive reporting features and application interfaces necessary to share data seamlessly among the different groups and employees throughout the enterprise; creating an environment where workers are more productive and decision makers are more informed.


  • Automatic Data Collection in real time
  • Powerful Work Schedules
  • True "Punch to Paycheck" via Payroll Program interfaces
  • Secure data management
  • Multi-Level Labor Tracking
  • Terminal Messaging
  • Exception Finder
  • Benefit Time Tracking


PayClock Pro PC3500TX Terminal from Access Controls Sales

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