Omni:Chron II
Stand Alone Time And Attendance Terminal

Omni:Chron II

Lathem Time's Omni:Chron II is the most complete stand-alone time and attendance terminal on the market today.

Omni:Chron II automates the time-consuming job of computing employee payable hours worked, so that your accounting people are utilized in more profitable ways.

In addition to saving time and manpower, the Omni:Chron II keeps indisputable employee time records and ensures compliance with company policies and Wage/Hour laws.

No more time card preparation!
Your staff is relieved of the slow, repetitive task of preparing time cards every pay period. Just one permanent vinyl card is prepared for each employee. The card is easily programmed with a standard hole punch.

Electronic calculations
Tedious calculations are performed with accuracy and speed. The Omni:Chron II automatically computes each employee's total of regular time, two types of overtime and premium time by day and by pay period. All calculations are performed electronically, thus preventing costly human errors.

Standard Features
  • Two overtime categories.
  • Flex-time.
  • Premium time.
  • 201 employee capacity
  • Perpetual calendar through year 2080.
  • Tracks tardies.
  • Flexible programming.
  • Variety of pay periods.
  • And many more!

During normal operation the display shows the hour, minute and second, status of battery charger, day-of-week and date. A second lock, located behind the door panel, allows only authorized technicians to access the internal electronics.

  The internal printer keeps a hard copy log of all employee punches and prints reports at the clock location. An 80-column serial printer can be directly connected to the RS232 port for full size reports.

Comprehensive reports are provided, including:

  • Employee lists.
  • Attendance reports.
  • Employees that forgot to punch In or Out.
  • Shift assignments.
  • Department assignments.
  • Grand Totals report.
  • Daily Totals report.
  • Time Card report.
  • Clock Parameters (Program Schedule).
  • Details Report - includes punches with daily and pay period totals, number of tardy records and days present.
Reports and ASCII files can be retrieved by computer over direct cable or by modem over telephone lines.

OmniPort software, designed specifically for use with the Omni:Chron, simplifies your time and attendance reporting by using the power of your PC. With OmniPort you will be able to keep track of data from multiple clocks in a single location. Its powerful report writing and data export features will save you both time and money.

Powerful Yet Cost Effective
For all its advances, Omni:Chron II is surprisingly cost-effective. It is about half the price of other units that are not nearly as sophisticated with far fewer features.


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