LTR Series Master Controls

Lathem Master Controls are ideal for schools, hospitals, airports and industry.

With Lathem's wall clocks, the Master Control series can improve attendance, organize schedules and increase efficiency.

The system can be programmed, via keypad, with eight password-protected bell schedules, which may be used in combinations; each capable of executing 64 multi-function "events" (512 aggregate). All models in the series support Lathem's DDC-series Digital Clocks via RS485 network cable. Additionally, The Model LTR4-512 has a capacity of four bell circuits, or one clock system (any of over 50 makes / models) and two bell circuits. The Model LTR8-512 can support either 8 bell circuits, or one clock system and six bell circuits, or two clock systems (any 2 of 50+) and four bell circuits. It can load and store schedules and controls from any RS232 / RS485 connected computer running Lathem's MasterLink Software, or can be accessed and diagnosed remotely, via modem (Model LTR8-512M). The LTR8-512 series models are also compatible with the LTR-RSS Remote Schedule Selector, which is particularly well suited to school applications.

LTRX-512 Series Features:

  • Keypad and text/menu display allows convenient programming changes to schedules.
  • Dual password level grant appropriate control to installer/administrators and general users.
  • Eight 64-event schedules can be activated individually, or in groups, allowing for up to 512 active events.
  • Multi-function events each include the day(s) of the week, the effected circuit(s), the time and duration of the event.
  • Special schedules for holidays and automatic schedule changes programmed in advance of their activation dates.
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustments, supporting international requirements.
  • Available with surface, semi-flush, and 19" rack mount hardware, and capable of drop-ceiling/raised floor installation with optional cable.
  • Schedules and timekeeping functions are retained during power failures; proprietary algorithms allow for rapid, automatic clock recovery.
  • Desktop/laptop computer management (LTR8-512 and MasterLink) and remote modem access/ " Atomic Clock" synchronization (LTR8-512M)
The LTR Series master controls virtually any type of secondary clock system. Lathem manufactures both synchronous and minute impulse secondary wall clocks in a variety of shapes, sizes and clock dial types.

Visit our Accessories area for details of power supplies and boosters for use with the LTR Series.


LTR Series Master Controls

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