Photelectric Amplifiers from MD Micro Detectors

Series FS
Photelectric,Amplifiers,MD,Micro,Detectors,Series,FS,FX,MSF,SSF,URextremely reduced control unit - M12 right angle connector or cable exit to reduce dimensions - Trimmer sensitivity adjustment - high price/performance ratio - multifunctional output NPN - PNP, NO-NC - red visible spot - wide range of fibre (plastic and glass) - LED status indicator - complete protection against electrical damages - M4 screws mounting
Series FX
Photelectric,Amplifiers,MD,Micro,Detectors,Series,FS,FX,MSF,SSF,URquick set up and self teach with one key - touchpad control with multifunctional LED indicator - microcontroller control and EEPROM parameters storage - threshold/sensitivity adjustment - built in adjustable timer - self teach by touch pad or remote input - lock keyboard function - M8 connector exit - multifunctional output NPN - PNP, NO-NC - IP 67 protection degree - complete protection against electrical damages - M4 screws or DIN rail mounting
Series MSF
MSF Series is not produced any longer. It is replaced by SSF Series
Series SSF
Photelectric,Amplifiers,MD,Micro,Detectors,Series,FS,FX,MSF,SSF,URNew models with sensitivity adjustment by teach-in button - With range of optical fibres are available - LED status indicator for all versions - Complete protection against electrical damages
Series UR
Photelectric,Amplifiers,MD,Micro,Detectors,Series,FS,FX,MSF,SSF,URsystem composed by control unit and (DGE/DGR) miniaturized sensors - IP68 sensors for harsh environments use - AC or DC Feeding voltage - relais output and alarm relais output - double timer with indipendent adjustment - sensitivity adjustment - complete protection against electrical damages - alignment, feeding voltage, alarm and output state LED indicators - selectable gain level (HI-LO) - panel mounting possibility - sensing range 60m (HI), 30m (LO)