Self Powered Sensors from Monarch Instrument

Self,Powered,Sensors,Monarch,InstrumentThe unique SPSR Series of Self-Powered Sensors provide a TTL compatible pulse output from any of three input sensors:

  • A visible optical red LED light source (ROS-P).
  • An infrared light source (IRS-P)
  • An amplified magnetic sensor (MT-190P)
The TTL compatible output is switch selectable as either positive going 0-5V pulses or negative going 5-0V pulses provided on a BNC connector. Internal rechargeable batteries provide 40 hours of operation between charges. For continuous operation, the SPSRIM configurations can be powered by 115Vac, 230Vac or 9-15Vdc (with optional DC Cable Assembly). Self-powered sensors are a critical element for providing one pulse per revolution for vibration analyzers, spectrum analyzers, stroboscopes, data acquisition equipment, tachometers, balancers, waveform analyzers and magnetic tape recorders.

Compatible with the following Sensors:

  • ROS-P
  • ROLS-P
  • MT-190P
  • IRS-P




  • Range (RPM)-Same as the sensor
  • Output signal-TTL compatible pulse, 0-5V or 5-0V
  • Pulse Width-Determined by size of target and rotational speed
  • Output connector-BNC Connector
  • Power (4) "AA" (R6) NiCad batteries AC or 5-12 VDC
Tachometers, Strobes & Sensors
SPSR User Manual