Monarch UltraPro AG500 Ultrasonic Leak Detector from Monarch Instrument

Monarch UltraPro AG500 Ultrasonic Leak Detector, UltraPro, AG500, Ultrasonic, Leak, Detector, Monarch, InstrumentThe UltraPro AG500 is a powerful ultrasonic leak detector and electronic stethoscope for use in industry, maintenance and manufacturing wherever precision leak detection or diagnostics are required.

Ultrasound is composed of high-frequency sound waves above the range of human hearing. UltraPro uses this technology to sense frequencies ranging from 18 to 42 kilohertz, which are electronically translated down into the audible range. Predictive Maintenance uses airborne/structure-borne ultrasound technology to locate leaks in any gaseous systems and to troubleshoot rolling-element bearings or valve operations. UltraPro features a unique Automatic Gain Control which automatically filters the signal to provide the best signal-to-noise ratio, suppressing background noise and pinpointing leaks. The AG circuit simplifies operation, removing complicated adjustment knobs and filter switches. UltraPro offers superior electronics with rugged industrial packaging in a simple-to-use ultrasonic meter.


  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Simple Operation
  • 10 Element LED Bargraph Display
  • Industrial Rubber Holster
  • Air and Contact Probes
  • Audio Out with volume Control
  • Tone Generator "Pressurize with noise"


  • Power: 9volt Battery (supplied)
  • Battery Life: 20 hrs. continuous (typical)
  • Displays: 10 element LED bargraph.
  • Frequency Response: 36-44 kHz
  • Audio Output: 0 to 4 kHz
  • Construction: ABS and Anodized Aluminum with Rubber Holster
  • Dimensions: 6.00 x 4.00 x 1.50"
  • Weight: 0.60 lbs.
  • Warranty One year

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AG500 User Manual