Marine Shore Power Cords

Y-adapters let you split one shore power outlet between two power cords. (You're still limited to the rated amperage of the outlet.) All Y-adapters are locking and equipped with covers and sealing collars. Waterproof for use in wet locations.

Split 1 outlet between 2 power cords
Blade Style:
Five Years


All cords certified.
Female Connectors
Male Plugs


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Most shore power systems are based on 30A service unless the additional capacity of 50A service is available for larger boats. We recommend that you use a 30A shore power cord and inlet on your boat for consistency, and then obtain waterproof adapters for other amperages.

•Yellow #10 AWG 3-conductor wire
•Molded vinyl covers over the plug and connector
•30-amp, 125V molded cord set
•5-year warranty

All cords certified.
Molded Straight Adapters
One Piece Adapters


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