Timers from Tele-Haase

A timer makes an impact
Timers from TELE, ranging from the simple single-function through to the multi-function timer with display, are employed in all branches of industry. The brain chip of your application-specific miniature controller is the ideal solution for realizing custom control applications within minimum space at low-cost. Various voltage ranges or even zoom supply are available to permit worldwide application.

GAMMA Series
Two changeover contacts, different variants for control contact and supply terminals, plus the remote potentiometer are particular features of these devices. Various types in are available in the industrial design style to meet requirements in the industrial environment.
Gamma Series Timers
ENYA Series
With the flat front panel, clearly visible indicators and tool-adjustable controls these timers provide a neat and orderly appearance in the distribution box. The Light Controller combines an impulse switch and staircase lighting timer in a single unit.
Enya Series Timers
DELTA Series
Ultra compact design and top-mounted terminals make installation easy even in closely spaced cable trunking. Multi-function devices as well as flashers, off-delay devices without auxiliary voltage and 2-wire terminated devices.
Delta Series Timers
The DELTA PRO series devices provide basic functions with fixed time ranges and voltage supplies for low-cost use in repeat applications requiring large volumes of the devices with clearly defined functionality.
Delta Pro Series Timers
PLUS Series
For many applications the 11-pole socket is still preferred. The reasons for this may be to permit pre-assembly, hot-swapping or use by untrained personnel.
Plus Series Timers
OCTO Series
With recessed terminals and a 45 mm cover size these devices fit neatly next to circuit breakers. A universal voltage supply and switchable functions mean that most requirements can be met from just a small number of
Octo Series Timers
CLIP Series
Digital timers are particularly accurate in reaching the time limit even over long periods of time. With the universal supply of 12 to 240V and special functions with 2 separately selectable times in some cases, it is possible to find solutions even to the most challenging problems.
Clip Series Timers
FRONT Series
This device, with its very bright display of preset and elapsed time, is the ideal solution when the time setting needs to be performed quickly and accurately. All the controls are concealed under a flap at the side.
Clip Series Timers
COMBI Series
To provide an industrial relay with timing functionality, all that is required apart from the COMBI timer module is a compatible socket. This series of devices provides the means for delaying up to 3 contacts with a switching capacity of up to 10 A.
Combi Series Timers
RONDO Series
Designed for 24V DC only and with a transistor output, the possible applications for RONDO devices are strictly limited. But if you need manual setting with visual status check-back, there are not many alternatives.
Combi Series Timers

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