Thermocouple Wires and Cables

Since 1962 Thermo-Electra has offered a full range of thermocouple wires and cables, manufactured under rigid quality controls.

The basic materials are available in several international standards and are available in the following thermocouple calibrations: K, T, J, E, N, U and L.

The wires are available as bare wire, or having a wire insulation, and overall jacket.

Thermocouple wires and cables are mainly supplied to companies who manufacture their own thermocouples, for use during production of materials, and by research and development departments of all kinds of industries and laboratories.

Thermo-Electra offers insulated wire with standard or close tolerance, and can be supplied in wire size from 0,02 mm up to 3 mm according to international standards, such as DIN-IEC, ANSI, BS and NF.

The insulation materials available are PVC, PE, Teflon, (PTFE, FEP, PFA), and silicon, but also high temperature asbestos free fibres, including glass fibre up to 650°C and ceramic fibre up to 1430°C.

Thermocouple Extension Wire Cable
Thermocouple extension wire has approximately the same characteristics as Thermocouple wire, but its accuracy is guaranteed over a more limited range of temperatures.

Thermocouple extension wire can offer advantages in cost or mechanical properties when used for connections between Thermocouple and instruments.

For base metal types of Thermocouples, extension wire is of substantially the same composition as the corresponding Thermocouple type.

For precious metal types, however, an entirely different alloy is formulated to match the noble metal characteristics over a specified temperature range. This is necessary due to the high cost of the precious metals, which would otherwise be necessary for the interconnection. The X in the IEC and ANSI code denotes extension grade wire.

Thermo-Electra offers several kinds of insulations and shielding types to deal with the requested application.
The production is not only flexible for manufacturing standard type of cables, but also for manufacturing to customer demands.

On this page you can see the production of wires and cables. The construction for thermocouple cables are standard up to 50 pairs, and instrument cables up to 36 triads.

All our cables are available with mechanical protection, such as:
- galvanized served steel wire armour (SWA)
- galvanized steel wire braid (GSWB)
- double overlapped galvanized steel tapes.

For "underground" applications we can offer a lead sheath feature, which protects the cable against corrosion and humidity.

Instrumentation Cable
After being linearised and conditioned, all kinds of process measuring sensor systems need to be connected over a certain distance with normal copper cables to ensure correct signal transfer without interference.

In our program we have electrical screens, such as aluminium/polyester, copper braiding, or copper spiral.

Nowadays we even have this kind of cable including fibre optic consisting of a single cable enabling data transfer by light signals.

In short, we are the right partner for your cable needs.

Insulations for thermocouple wire
Most common used insulations with temperature limit are listed below.

Material Min. temp. Max. temp.
PVC -50°C + 80°C (105°C)
Polyethylene -60°C + 70°C
Polypropelene -40°C + 105°C
Nylon -70°C + 120°C
Polyurethene -40°C + 80°C
Teflon *) FEP -80°C + 205°C
Teflon *) PTFE -80°C + 260°C
Tefzel *) -80°C + 155°C
Halar **) -60°C + 160°C
Silicon rubber -55°C + 230°C
Kapton *) -75°C + 200°C
Fibre glass -70°C + 650°C
Ceramic fibre 0°C +1430°C
  *) Du Pont trademark
**) Allied Chemical trademark

Thermocouple Wires and Cables from Thermo-Electra

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