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Temperature Sensors From Thermo-Electra

Thermo-Electra manufactures a complete line of temperature sensors for all kinds of industrial use, such as ceramic tube insulated thermocouples for glass, metal and brick making.

Stainless steel protected temperature sensors are most commonly used in laboratories, general machinery and food industry, and vibration resistant temperature sensors for bearing measurements and diesel engines. These units can be supplied with a certificate from Lloyds, Rina, Buro Veritas etc.

Further a complete line of temperature sensors with standard "DIN" constructions are made with an interchangeable insert, for easy replacement.

Temperature Sensor & Solutions (2.55Mb)

Surface Sensors

Custom versions to suit your application, handheld models, magnetic sensors and industrial ATEX certified models.

The range includes self adhesive patch type thermocouples and Pt100's for general surface measurement.

These surface sensors are small and flexible, and their low mass has minimal thermal effect on the material being measured.

Sensors For Extreme Conditions

Chemical and petrochemical plants often need sensors for extreme conditions which work under extreme conditions, and where pressure and high velocity resistant assemblies are needed. These assemblies can be supplied with a whole range of high pressure and high velocity resistant welded, or solid drilled protection tubes(thermowells). For direct mounting we can supply our sensors with high pressure or vacuum sealants

Our engineers do Stress Calculations per ASME PTC 19.3 where high velocity or pressure can be critical. All our sensors for extreme conditions can be supplied with a coating for chemical resistance such as Teflon, PTFE, PFA, FEP and Halar. To achieve abrasion-resistance we can treat the thermowells with stellite or a ceramic coating. Further we can assist with the choice of material.

Custom-Built Temperature Sensors

Thermo-Electra b.v. is specialist in the design and manufacture of custom-built Temperature Sensors and has vast experience in all aspects of sensor design and manufacture and we enjoy the opportunity of fulfilling your requirements.

Alternatively, our standard range of Thermocouple and Pt 100 Sensor assemblies suit the most industrial and scientific applications

Your special is our standard!!!!!!!

Standard Temperature Sensors

Thermo-Electra b.v. offers a complete product line for temperature sensors.
All common types are specified in our sensor catalogue which you can order by email or fax.

We manufacture sensors for molten metals/glass, furnaces, plastic, extruders, exhaustgasses, autoclaves, R&D, HCAPP and HVAC applications.

Mineral Insulated Sensors

Mineral insulated sensors with a metal sheath and a magnesiumoxide (MgO) insulation offer a sealed rugged enclosure capable of withstanding not only very high temperatures, pressure but also excessive vibration.

Mineral insulated sensors are flexible and are available as of 0,25 mm for thermocouple sensors and as of 0,5 mm outside diameter for RTD (Pt100) sensors.

Thermocouple types K,T,J,E,R,S,T and N and RTD's such as Pt100 elements are available in this construction with (thermocouple) plug or jack, or a sealed connection cable.

Explosion Proof ATEX Certified Sensors

Thermo-electra manufactures ATEX certified sensors, single and multipoint for zone 0, 1 and 2 with EExi, EExe and EExd approvals and can be fitted with a integral temperature transmitter

Sensors for Ships

Thermo-electra manufactures sensors for engine bearings, exhaust gasses, turbo measurement, and for cargo measurement.

Multipoint Temperature Sensors

For industry and laboratory, we manufacture multipoint temperature sensors to measure at several points over the length of the probe for temperature profiling or hot spot detection. ATEX approval for your application is available.

Multipoint temperature sensors, up to 12 measuring points in 3 mm sheath or 60 points in 8 mm.

INDUSTRIAL REACTOR multipoint temperature sensors can have up to 32 measuring points, with replacement of individual sensors on site.

SILO multipoint temperature sensors are flexible and avaliable in all lengths. Up to 24 points with Pt100.

Miniature Bearing Sensors

Miniature Bearing Sensors are designed to monitor temperature of embedded bearings critical to machine performance in industrial rotating equipment. The most reliable indicator of bearing condition is the temperature of the metal beneath the bearing shoe. Rising temperatures indicates the breakdown of the lubricating oil film. Quick identification of this condition allows machine shutdown and maintenance to occur before catastrophic failure of the bearing itself.

Typical applications for bearing sensors include motors, turbines, pumps, gear boxes and other journal bearing pedestals. ATEX II 1G EEx ia IIC T4..T6 versions available.

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