Thermowells and Protection Tubes from Thermo-Electra

Based on the products, machinery is used such as CNC turning machines for thermowells, they can produce large quantities with fully identical shapes and close tolerances.

Thermowells can be made from various types of materials including stainless steel and corrosion resistant steel.

Drilled thermowells up to 1400 mm long are fabricated from barstock.

All kinds of tests including dye penetrant, X-ray testing, high pressure leakage testing etc., are possible "inhouse".

Protection Tubes and Thermowells
Thermo-Electra produces the protection built-up tubes, or solid drilled and machined thermowells, depending on application with screw, flange or welding construction for easy mounting at site.

Depending on the velocity and pressure they are machined from one piece, or are fabricated.

Most commonly used are protection built-up from tube, and having a welded end for general applications, with low pressure and velocity.

Material certificates as per DIN 50049- 3.1.A, -3.1.B or -3.I.C are possible and can be supplied with each thermowell.

Restamping by Lloyds or Stoomwezen can be done for each unit at extra charge.

Thermocouples, Pt100 detectors and other platinum resistance detector assemblies need a high standard of wending, not only to prevent contamination, but also to ensure secure joints which satisfy all temperatures requirements and which are in line with the design parameters of the assembly.

Thermo-Electra has equipment for this standard of wending, such as a laser, wending device. Argon Arc, C02, microplasma, TIG and ultrasonic are other inhouse possibilities for wending of protection tubes, flanges etc. Our welders are qualified and for all kinds of materials we can give a PQR and WPS.

Thermowells and Protection Tubes from Thermo-Electra

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