339 On/Off Delay Relay from Time Mark

339, On/Off Delay Relay, Time MarkThe Model 339 On/Off Delay Relay is an electronic time delay relay which provides two functions: on delay, and true off delay. The true off delay, (relay remains energized for a delay period when power is removed) is provided by means of an internal latching relay.

Each time delay, on and off, is separately adjustable to a maximum of five minutes on or off. The Model 339 uses the same pin-out configuration as standard time delay and general purpose relays.

It can be used in new or replacement applications for thermal, pneumatic, or spring-wound timers, or in place of general purpose relays or other electronic timers.

  • Provides on delay and true off dela

  • Separate delay adjustments

  • Wiring compatible with standard relays

  • Timing ranges up to 5 minutes on and off

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339, On/Off Delay Relay, Time Mark


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