409 Level Liquid Level Controller from Time Mark

409, Liquid, Level Controller, Time MarkThe Model 409 Liquid Level Controller is a compact, socket-mount device for level control of conductive liquids. The internal relay is energized when operating power is applied. When the liquid level reaches the probe, the relay de-energizes. When the level drops below the probe, the relay will reset.

A fixed, two-second time delay prevents oscillation due to wave action. Probe cables may be shielded or unshielded. If the liquid container is made of a non-conductive material, a common electrode is required. Other, features include an LED indicator to show the output relay status and an adjustable sensitivity setting. Requires a
standard 8-pin octal socket. (socket number 51X00120-01).

  • Automatic control of liquid level

  • Solid-state sensing circuit

  • Adjustable sensitivity

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409, Liquid, Level Controller, Time Mark


409, Liquid, Level Controller, Time Mark


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