412 Automatic Reverse Controller from Time Mark

412, Automatic Reverse Controller, Time MarkThe 412 Automatic Reverse Controller is a current sensor designed to detect jamming of sewage grinders and to initiate the reversing of the grinder. The controller allows the selection of up to five forward/reverse cycles, and provides for an alarm output, if the number of cycles is exceeded. The current loop inputs are designed for direct connection of 10 amps at 240 VAC, or 5 amps at 480 VAC (up to 2hp motors). For higher currents, a current transformer must be used (the CT secondaries are connected to the 5 amp terminals, regardless of voltage). A manual push-button is used to simulate an over current condition and to test the relay contacts and alarm. A current level adjustment is used to optimize the trip point setting. LED indicators show the running direction of the motor and the alarm condition.

  • Adjustable current level

  • Up to 5 forward/reverse cycles

  • LED alarm & direction indicators

  • Direct AC current inputs up to 2 hp motors

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412, Automatic Reverse Controller, Time Mark


412, Automatic Reverse Controller, Time Mark


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