460 Switch-to-Loop Converter from Time Mark

460, Switch-to-Loop Converter, Time MarkLiquid level controllers generally require a 4-20mA loop current that represents zero to 34.6 feet. The loop current indicates the level of liquid in a tank or reservoir, and is usually generated by an expensive pressure transducer or ultrasonic sensor. If you already have a tank with float switches installed, the Model 460 Switch-to-Loop Converter allows you to take advantage of the latest liquid level control, without the added cost of a transducer.

The Model 460 Converter outputs a specific current value as each of the six inputs are closed. Current values are individually adjustable between 4 and 20mA for each switch input. Up to six switches can be used as inputs to all liquid level devices accepting a 4-20mA input, such as Time Mark’s Model 4052.

When an input switch is closed, the output changes to the corresponding current level. The highest of the 6 input switches (that is closed) determines the level of current at the output. If none of the switches are closed, the output is 4mA. Front panel LEDs indicate when input switches are closed. A high current power supply provides a minimum of 50mA to each external switch.

  • 6 Inputs

  • 4 to 20mA Output

  • 50mA Minimum to External Switches

  • LED Loop Output Indicator

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460, Switch-to-Loop Converter, Time Mark


460, Switch-to-Loop Converter, Time Mark


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