553 Re-Acceleration Relay from Time Mark

553, Re-Acceleration Relay, Time MarkRe-Acceleration Relay Model 553 is designed to take the place of a voltage sensing relay and two time delay relays. When voltage is applied to the Model 553, and the external start switch is closed, the adjustable on-delay time begins. After the delay period, the contacts will close.

If the line voltage drops below 90 volts, the contacts open and the true-off delay begins. If the voltage rises above 102 volts before the true-off delay has elapsed, the contact will re-close.

If voltage is not restored to 102 volts before the true-off delay time period ends, the contacts will remain open until the external start switch is closed.

  • On-Delay

  • True Off-Delay

  • LED Status Indicators

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553, Re-Acceleration Relay, Time Mark


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