652 Loop Power Supply from Time Mark

652, Loop Power Supply, Time MarkThe Model 652 Loop Power Supply provides DC power for instrumentation control modules.

Each option provides three output selections. For example, the Model 652-12 has output options of 12 VDC regulated, 16 VDC unregulated, and 5 VDC regulated. All outputs for the Model 652 are floating, electrically isolated from ground. A power status indicator (LED) is located on the top of the unit. The POWER LED turns ON
when power is applied.

Applications include two-wire current loop transducers, such as pressure, voltage or current. The Model 652 may also be used with alarms indicators, meters and timers.

  • Three DC voltage outputs

  • DC output currents to 150 mA

  • 5-Year unconditional warranty

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652, Loop Power Supply, Time Mark


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