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Thermostat Timers TTI660R/TTI660S from TimeTech

TTI660R/TTI660S Thermostat Timers
Timetech Ningbo Co., Ltd.---TTI660R
Timetech Ningbo Co., Ltd.---TTI660S

The TTI660R and TTI660S thermostat timers are miniature timing devices that are initiated with a rotation of the shaft. A contact opens upon completion of the timing cycle. An audio signal is available with an optional bell feature.

Applications include: toaster ovens, cookers, steamers,pizz ovens, ranges, and washing machines.

TimeTech will custom design the time to meet your electrical and mechanical requirements. TimeTech's offshore manufacturing utlizes high quality control standards to provide you with a quality timer, at a very competative price.

Features and Benefits

  • Broad time range - A number of time ranges are available, including: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 75,90 and 120 minute models.
  • Long Life - The TTI660 series will operate a minimum of 10,000 cycles
  • Application flexibility - TimeTech offers options including: switch type and configurations, bell and hold features.
  • Economical - High volume manufacturing facility provides you with the lowest price.
  • Smooth running and quiet operation.

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