1/16 DIN Digital Temperature Controller From Eagle Controls

Self Tune 1/16 DIN Digital Temperature Controller - MODEL 1048

1/16,DIN,Digital,Temperature,Controller,Eagle ControlsModel 1048 is a microprocessor based self tuning PID Temperature Controller housed in a 1/16 DIN case. It incorporates a dual LED display. Set point (green LED's 7mm high) and actual process value (red LEDís 10mm high).

The main output (SP1) can be relay 10A or 0-12 Vdc SSR trigger. It has a second output which is a 3A relay, which may be used as a 6 recipe alarm contact or an independent second set point (SP2).

All parameters are accessed via the front key pad which is sealed to IP65/NEMA 4. Supply voltage is 85-265Vac or 24Vac/dc.

The 1048 is programmable for 5 different Thermocouple inputs and 2 or 3 wire PT100/RTD.

Self Tune Operation

The 1048 can be used as a simple ON/OFF controller or it can very simply be programmed to automatically calculate the PID values of the process. Self tune mode is selected via the front key pad and once initiated will calculate the optimum P, I and D values for the process. The PID values are stored in the E squared PROM and may be read back from the programme at any time.

Scale Limit

The 1048 is fitted with a scale limit facility, which means safe operating limits can be set for each process across the range -200 to +1600 C / -328 to +2800 F. For example 0-400 C/F the operator cannot exceed 400 or go below 0.

Alarm or Second Set Point (SP2)

The 1048 is fitted with a second output (SP2) that can be programmed to operate as an alarm contact, this acts as a deviation to the main set point (SP1). When the alarm functions is set, any change in the SP1 value will be equalled by SP2, the alarm can be a High or Low of SP1 or Out Of Limit i.e. an equal trip point either side of SP1. The SP2 output relay can also be programmed to energise or de-energise in the alarm condition.

Alternatively the SP2 feature can be programmed to operate as an independent second set point. This means that any change to SP1 will not have any effect on SP2. C/F Selection The 1048 is programmable to display in degrees C or F.

Approach Control

This feature limits the operation of the Integral action (I) of the PID parameters, preventing overshoot at set point from start up. It limits the speed at which the instrument allows the process to climb to set point and is only operational when full PID control is being used. It has no effect in simple ON/OFF control mode.

Data Retention Lock

All data calculated automatically by the controller or entered manually and which therefore is stored in the E squared PROM, can be protected from unauthorised access and tampering. The programmable options available are, all data protected, no data protected, set point only adjustable.

Maximum Temperature Ranges

Thermocouple J

0-800 C / 32-1470 F

Thermocouple K

0-1200 C / 32-2000 F

Thermocouple N

0-1400 C / 32-2550 F

Thermocouple R

0-1600 C / 32-2800 F

Thermocouple T

-200 to +300 C / -328 to +572 F

PT100 2/3 wire

-200 to +300 C / -328 to +572 F
-19.9 to 99.9 C / -68 to + 212 F

General Specification

  • Supply 85-265Vac/24Vac/dc
  • Output SP1 10A 250V resistive
  • Output SP1 0-12Vdc logic 10mA
  • Output SP2 3A 250V resistive
  • Sensor burnout upscale load off
  • Housing flame retardent ABS
  • Mounting Panel, base or DIN rail
  • Control modes PID or ON/OFF
  • CE, UL, CSA recognised
  • Prop. Band 1-200 degrees or .1-99.9
  • Integral time 1-2000 seconds
  • Derivative time 1-2000 seconds
  • Prop. Time 1-100 seconds
  • Approach control 1-100%
  • SP2 deviation 1-2000 degrees
    (Note external allowable wire resistance Thermocouples 100 Ohm max. RTD 5 Ohms per wire)


    H48mm x W48mm x D102mm

    Wiring Connections

    Panel Cut-out: 44mm x 44mm