Programmable Large Digit Rate/Frequency Displays From Eagle Controls

MODEL LDDRF-2000 Programmable Large Digit Rate/Frequency Displays

Programmable,Large,Digit,Rate,Frequency,Displays,Eagle Controls

The LDDRF-2000 is a 5 digit fully scaleable Quartz Crystal stabilised pulse input Rate/Frequency meter accepting Contact Closure, PNP or NPN proximity sensors and voltage pulses from 10.5 to 30V. They are ideal for production line monitoring, showing units per shift, frequency monitoring or generator frequency. They are able to average over long periods with irregular input rates.

The displays are available in 3 digit sizes and may be Panel, Wall or Suspension mounted in IP55 / NEMA 12 rugged aluminium enclosures and are supplied with the necessary hardware. They have a universal switch mode power supply across the range 90-265Vac and are CE, UL and CSA approved.

The LDDRF-2000 is suitable for any application where data needs to be viewed from a distance, from murky environments of heavy processing industries to clean room Laboratory applications.

The 3 standard digit sizes and viewing distances are -





Viewing Distance

65ft. / 20 mtrs.
130ft / 40 mtrs
220ft / 70 mtrs

Cat No.

Model 2023RF
Model 2004RF
Model 2007RF

Features (All models)
  • Number of digits 5, which can be set for 3 to 5 active digits
  • Inputs NPN, PNP, Contact Closure, DC pulses
  • Excitation supply for field transmitters 10.5V to 30Vdc (60mA max)
  • Scaling method remote contact closure menu, photo electric sensor or proximity switch
  • Scale factor range 0.0001 to 99999, multiply or divide
  • Offset range - any value of offset may be set
  • Decimal point - automatic change
  • Units of measure RPM, M/min. Yd/min etc.
  • Accuracy +/- 0.01%
  • Stability +/- 25ppm/C
  • Input rate max 10000 hz or 30 hz with debounce jumpers
  • Input rate minimum 1 pulse per 8 hours
  • Averaging user selectable
  • Operating temperature 0-5C / 32-122F, Humidity 85%


Panel Cut-out

2.3" H100 x L347 x D61mm
4.0" H155 x L584 x D61mm
7.0" H330 x L1140 x D95mm

H105 x L352mm
H160 x L589mm