Temperature Panel Meter From Eagle Controls

Temperature Panel Meter
4 Alarm Outputs Standard, RS-485 Serial Communications Input/Output Standard, Analogue Output Option

Temperature,Panel,Meter,Eagle ControlsGeneral Introduction

A competitively priced, fully programmable Temperature panel meter suitable for Thermocouple and PT100 (RTD) inputs. It features a fully scaleable 4 digit bi-colour LED display across the range -999 to + 9999. 4 alarm output options are fitted as standard where the display changes colour in the alarm condition if programmed to do so. Analogue output via an external isolator is an option (consult sales office) and serial communications RS-485 input and output is fitted as standard.

Temperature Inputs & Ranges
The display may be scaled to the following ranges within the input selected


  • J 0-750C / 32-1382F
  • K 0-1200C / 32-2192F
  • S 0-1750C / 32-3182F
  • T -200-400C / -328-752F

2/3 wire PT100 (RTD) -200+300c/-328+572F

Display Colour selection
The display may be programmed to be

  • RED (normal) to GREEN (in alarm)
  • GREEN (normal) to RED (in alarm)

Standard features

  • Display range -999 to + 9999 scaleable
  • Display colour change in Alarm condition
  • Inputs Thermocouple or 2/3 wire PT 100 (RTD) programmable
  • Serial Communications programmable RS485 send, broadcast, receive
  • 4 programmable alarm outputs
  • Programmable decimal point position when resistance input selected
  • Programmable display blanking
  • Programmable last digit filter 1, 5, 10, 25, 50
  • Programmable unit of measurement degrees C or F
  • Excitation for field transmitters 15 V @ 45mA
  • NEMA 4 / IP65 front panel protection
  • CE approved, UL pending

4 Alarm Outputs
4 alarm outputs are available via N/O 3A relays. The alarms are fully scaleable and independent of one another and may be set for HI or LO trip. The alarms can be programmed to energise or de-energise in the alarm state, open / close or latch, and have independent variable hysteresis, time delay trip response adjustable 0-250 seconds. In the alarm state the display will change colour if programmed to do so.

Serial Input / Output (fitted as standard)
Up to 31 units may be multi-dropped. The displayed value can be uploaded or downloaded from a PC via an RS-485 port. One unit can also be programmed as a 'master' with the remaining multi-dropped units acting as OEslavesą.

Analogue Output Option
Isolated 4-20mA or 0-10V, assigned to a display range via external isolator (consult sales office)

Technical Specification


4 digit seven segment LED 14.2mm high Display changes colour in alarm state

A to D Converter

Accuracy +/- 0.02% of range



Alarm output

4 N/0 3A relay @ 250Vac

Analogue output

External Isolator 4-20mA, 0-10V


decimal point in resistance mode


< +/- 0.005% (+/- 1 digit)

Input bias current

< 0, 1 micro amps

Zero drift (0-50C)

+/- 0.0025% / C of range +/- 1 digit

Span drift (0-50C)

+/- 0. 0 1 % / C of reading +/- 1 digit

Ripple rejection

< 2 digits with 1/4 mV PK to PK ripple @ 50/60 hz

Step Response

2 secs to 95% of final value

Power Supply

85-265Vac or 18-30Vac/dc < 5VA consumption


Operating temperature 0-50 C Storage -40 to 85 C

Case size

H x 48, W x 96 x D132mm including connectors

Panel cutout

91 x 44.5 mm