FP-108C AC Axial Fan

FP-108C AC Axial Fan
162 x 150 x 55 mm

AC Axial Fan FP-108C 162 x 150 x 55 mmDesign Features

  • Bearing System:
    Ball bearing

  • Impeller:
    Plastic with fiber glass filed UL 94V-0

  • Housing:
    Die cast aluminium painted black or natural color

  • Motor:
    Shaded pole, impedance protected

  • Connecting:
    Wire leads

  • Speed:
    S-1 high speed type

  • Other Voltage:
    24, 48, 100, 380AC, (50-60Hz) are available


Dimensions: mm
Dimensions of AC Axial Fan FP-108C, Taiwan AC axial fans
Performance of AC Axial Fan FP-108C, Taiwan AC fans


Specifications of AC Axial Fan FP-108C manufactured by Commonwealth Industries Taiwan