EZ Fan and Blower Company

The EZ Fan may be one of the worlds's most well researched and engineered instruments ever designed and manufactured. The EZ Fan is produced to work at peak performance in both the direct current and alternating current designs.

World headquaters of EZ Fan is Los Angeles California USA. The performance and durability of EZ Fan has been field tested in the most demanding environmental conditions that span the climates from the dry deserts to the cold arctic.

EZ Fan's dedications to excellence in engineering and production are also exhibited in EZ Fan's customer service and satisfaction programs. The repeat business from multinational firms that use EZ Fan exclusively is testimony to the product's integrity.

Customers include major manufacturers of telecommunication, electronic and medical equipment, appliances, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Competitive pricing, proven performance and an enthusiastic customer service and support program make EZ Fan the premier choice for businesses around the world. Custom orders are welcomed by the EZ Fan engineering team. Many of the styles now carried in inventory were created to meet the demands of custom systems.

AC Axial Fan

EZ Fan Blower Company, EZ Fan

DC Brushless Fan

EZ Fan Blower Company, EZ Fan

CPU Coolers Series

EZ Fan Blower Company, EZ Fan


EZ Fan Blower Company, EZ Fan

DC Brushless Blower

EZ Fan Blower Company, EZ Fan

DC Brushless Motors