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Access Control Sales - Canadian Industrial Agent

Access Control Sales, established in 1986, is a stocking agent representing industrial manufacturers. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, we market the product lines through a network of over 40 distributors located throughout Canada.

We also aggressively market our products to OEM accounts based throughout North America. Access Control Sales specializes in timers (plug-in, cube style, spring wound, 24 hour / 7 day yearly), 3 phase monitors, current and voltage sensing relays, temperature sensors and displays, specialty items like a melting industry thermocouple, mining controls like slip switches and radio remote controls for up to 2 miles.

Access Control Sales also sells stroboscopes, counters, tachometers, ratemeters, count-down timers, sensors (photoelectric, inductive, capacitive, laser, self powered) panel meters, current transformers, voltage transformers, paperless recorders & data acquisition systems, sequencers and thermal circuit protectors.

Access Control Sales Ltd.

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Access Control Sales Ltd., established in 1986, is a stocking agent, representing industrial automation manufacturers. Based in Mississauga, Ontario our products are marketed throughout Canada by a network of over 250 distributors. In addition to our domestic distributors, Access Control Sales Ltd. ships to businesses all over the world.


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Our products include: timers, radio remote controls, stroboscopes, tachometers, inductive, capacitive and optical sensors, panel meters and movements, piezo buzzers, LED alarm lights, counters, 3-phase monitors, voltage monitors, alternators, clocks, 24 hour / 7 day timers, time and attendance systems, axial fans and blowers, zero speed switches, data acquisition systems, battery master switches and more.

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