Flux, Pump, Kit, 99,98%, Barrel, EmptyingFeatures and benefits:

  • the safe and cost-efficient solution for transferring high value or hazardous liquids

  • optimim barrel emptying,
    remains of less than 0,05 l

  • tested and certified according to ATEX-Directive 94/9/EC, category 1/2, for use in Zone 0

  • with mechanical seal

  • to be stripped for cleaning with a minimum of effort

  • authorized by Underwriters Laborytories Inc. (UL)

Pump Type:

  • F 425 S-41/34 in stainless steel 316 L / 316 Ti

Immersion length:

  • 39" and 47" mm

Motor Type:

  • Commutator motor Type F 460 Ex, 460 Watt, II 2 G EEx de IIC T6

  • with power supply cable, 5 m long, and safety plug

  • explosion-proof to ATEX, category 2, according to Directieve 94/9/EC, EC-Type-Examination Certificate No. PTB 97 ATEX 1035

  • robust double shell housing in aluminium, very low noise level

  • improved ventilation system providing optimal cooling and ensuring an extended service life

  • Air motor Type F 416 Ex, 470 Watt at 6 bar, II 2 G cp IIC T6

  • explosion-proof to ATEX, category 2, according to Directive 94/9/EC, PTB-Registration No. 02 ATEX D022

  • very lightweight and extremely powerful motor, overload-proof

  • easily variable speed control by adjusting either the air supply pressure or volume

Accessories supplied with the pump:

  • Earth ground wire, 6 FT long

  • Universal hose DN 21, 6 FT long, complete with swaged fittings in stainless steel on both ends

  • Quick action tap in stainless steel, seal FEP/PTFE

  • Compression gland PP, electrically conductive

Flux Pump Kits

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