Flux, Positive Displacement, Drum Pump, Type F55 GS, Worm DriveFeatures and benefits:

  • recommended for low to medium viscosity products, up to max. 30.000 mPas (cP)

  • lightweight and easy-to-handle eccentric worm-drive pump with planetary gear

  • with mechanical seal or stuffing box

  • low wear due to low pump speed

  • low weight of complete pump and motor unit

  • outer diameter of pump tube 50 or 54 mm

  • Type F 550 GSX.-50/21 for use in Zone 0, tested and certified according to ATEX-Directive 94/9/EC, EC-Type-Examination Certificate No. PTB 99 ATEX 4050/4051 X

  • authorized by Underwriters Laborytories Inc. (UL)

Positive displacement pump - eccentric worm type:

  • smooth pumping with very little turbulences

  • low wear, no valves, vanes etc.

Pump Available In :

  • Pump: stainless steel 316 L / 316 Ti (S)

  • Stator: PTFE, NBR, CSM, FKM

Positive Displacement Pump, Type F55, GS, Worm Drive, Flux PumpsImmersion length:

  • 27", 39" and 47" mm (other lengths on request)

The Picture Shows :

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