Armstrong, Base Mounted Pumps, Series 4030Armstrong offers a comprehensive range of based mounted pumps designed for a wide variety of applications. These base mounted pumps are single stage, end suction, radially-split centrifugal pumping units featuring self-venting casings to prevent air binding. Armstrong base mounted pumps also include heavy duty bearings that are sealed and lubricated for life, a "back pull-out" bearing frame for easy servicing, and a self-lubricating mechanical seal to prevent liquid seepage. Base mounted pumps are available in bronze fitted, and all iron construction.

Armstrong, Base Mounted Pumps, Series 4030

Traditional Base Mounted Pump Features:

  • Back pull-out design

  • One piece baseplate

  • Base supported radially-split casing

  • Flexible coupling with guard

  • Drain and gauge connections

  • Cast iron housing, bronze-fitted construction

Value-Added Base Mounted Pump Features

  • ANSI style centerline discharge casing

  • ANSI flanged casing

  • Pre-lubricated and sealed ball bearings

  • Confined casing gasket

  • Mechanical seal with silicone carbide seat

  • Stainless steel shaft sleeve

  • Dynamically balanced impellers – 2-plane where appropriate

  • OSHA coupling guard

  • Baseplate designed to ANSI/HI 1.3.5 rigidity standards for freestanding base

Design Features

Traditional Features

  • Back Pull Out Design

  • One Piece Baseplate

  • Base Supported Radially Split Casing

  • Flexible Coupling, with Guard

  • Drain and Gauge Connections

  • Cast Iron Housing, Bronze Fitted Construction

  • All Iron and Ductile Iron Construction available

  • Designed, Manufactured, and Inspected to Exacting Standards

Current Design Concepts

  • ANSI style Centerline Discharge Casing

  • Large Flow Range

  • ANSI Flanged Casing

  • Pre-Lubricated and Sealed Ball Bearings

  • Confined Casing Gasket

  • Mechanical Seal with O-Ring Mounted Seat

  • Stainless Steel Shaft Sleeve

  • Dynamically Balanced Impellers

Typical Specifications

Circulating Pumps:

  • Furnish and install, as indicated on the plans and specifications, Armstrong Series 4030 base mounted centrifugal pumps.

  • The pump shall be single, end suction type with radially split, top center-line discharge, self-venting casing. The casing-to-cover gasket shall be confined on the atmospheric side to prevent blow-out possibility.

  • Pump construction shall be cast iron, bronze fitted (all iron, all bronze, ductile iron) and shall be fitted with a long-life, product lubricated, drip-tight mechanical seal, with O-ring seat retainer, designed for the specified maximum temperature and pressure.

  • The shaft shall be fitted with a Stainless Steel shaft sleeve and be supported by two heavy duty ball bearings. The design shall allow Back Pull Out servicing, enabling the complete rotating assembly to be removed without disturbing the casing piping connections.

  • The pump shall be mounted on a rigid, single piece baseplate, with grouting hole, and connected by flexible coupling, with guard, to a __hp, __Hz, _ph, __volts, __rpm, __enclosure squirrel cage, induction type motor of standard (premium, __%) efficiency and suitable for across-the-line (wye-delta, part wind) starting.

  • The housing shall be hydrostatically tested to 150% maximum working pressure.

  • The unit shall be suitable for the conditions shown on the pump schedule.

Series 4030 Product Information
Series 4030 I&O Instructions