Armstrong Design Envelope SolutionsArmstrong Design Envelope solutions designate a pre-set arrangement of the most efficient pump selections for a given capacity range. The Design Envelope approach to system selection allows you to reduce design risk and avoid costs from equipment change orders by calculating your preliminary design requirements, then selecting a Design Envelope with sufficient comfort zone around the preliminary design point.

There is no longer a need to oversize your initial design point. The Design Envelope functions as a safety net for changes in HVAC load due to building design revisions, building envelope changes or changes in building usage. Your pump selection will be future-proofed design revisions or other changes during construction process and over the life of the building.

•Design Envelope HVAC Pumping 4300 IVS

•Design Envelope HVAC Pumping 4302 IVS

•Design Envelope HVAC Pumping 4380 IVS

•Design Envelope HVAC Pumping 4382 IVS

•Design Envelope Twin Pumping 4312 IVS

•Design Envelope Twin Pumping 4392 IVS

•Design Envelope Boosters 6800 IVS

•Design Envelope Chilled water Integrated Plant Package

•Design Envelope ECO*PAK MBS™

•IVS102 Series Dedicated Variable Speed Drives