Armstrong, Pump Motors, HE SeriesArmstrong HE Series pump motors are general purpose polyphase squirrel cage induction motors meeting all required NEMA and IEEE standards. In addition to numerous in-factory sampling motor tests to verify and improve designs, motors have been tested at Hydro-Quebec’s independent motor testing laboratory in Canada. Armstrong HE Series TEFC motors from 1 hp to 100 hp currently meet or exceed the efficiency requirements of the US Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) and Natural Resource Canada Standards (NRCan).

Armstrong, Pump Motors, HE Series

Design Features

All Armstrong pump motors have TEFC enclosures, with IP54 protection and Class F insulation system, and meet class B temperature rise at full load. Armstrong motors have high starting and breakdown torque. The highest quality bearings are selected and each tested prior to installation in our motors. The very low noise and vibration levels make these motors suitable for various operations at high load rates and continuous running at 104°F (40°C) and lower ambient temperatures.

For assurance of low motor vibration and noise levels motors are dynamically balanced on every rotor and alignment checks are performed on the production line. Only high strength, non-metallic, non-sparking external fans are used on HE Series motors to enhance the ventilation, provide additional safety, and reduce noise levels.

Key Features include:

  • Cast iron TEFC Three phase general purpose

  • Class F insulation, class B temperature rise

  • 1.15 Service factor

  • Available in 208 V, 230 V, 460 V, 575 V models at 60 Hz

  • Wye-Delta starting standard on frames 213TC and larger

  • Rigid base F1 mounting

  • CSA and ISO 9001 certification

Additional features include:

1.Steel fan cover for optimum strength.

2.Small size, high strength non-sparking fan reduces noise and enhances efficiency. Fan is keyed to shaft.

3.Heavy-duty cast iron frame, end plates and conduit box.

4.Alloy aluminum nameplate with standard information on motor efficiency, wiring diagram, bearing size etc. See last page for details.

5.Copper magnet wire, high grade electromagnetic steel stator, lower resistance and FR losses, high efficiency design for 1.15 service factor, Class F insulation.

6.Cast aluminum rotor dynamically balanced, for reduced vibration and noise. Surface painted with a semigloss polyester finish.

7.Ball bearings meet all standards. 143TC-256TC frame motors use permanently lubricated ball bearings while 284TC frame and larger motors are regreasable.

8.Lubrication fittings on each end of motor (284TC frame and larger), Lithium base grease is used with range of -22°F to 230°F (-30°C to 110°C) ambient temperature.

9.One-way, corrosion resistant condensate drains to release condensation and moisture from the housing.

10.Oversized cast iron conduit box, double gaskets, can be rotated in 90° increments. NPT threaded entrance. Leads are extra long and permanently marked. Motors 213TC and larger are suitable for wye-delta starting as standard.

Motors I&O Instructions