Armstrong, Vertical MultiStage Pumps, Series 4700Armstrong Series 4700 Vertical Multi-stage pumps offer an impressive combination features including high-pressure performance, small footprint, stainless steel design, high-efficiency and tolerance for temperatures make this an ideal solution for a variety of applications.

Environmental Engineering:

Armstrong Series 4700, designed for temperatures ranging from 5°F to 250°F (-15°C to 120°C), are well suited for boiler feed applications, condensate recovery and air conditioning systems. Easy to incorporate into industrial environmental engineering equipment, our Vertical MultiStage pumps combine the advantages of compact design, quiet operation and ease of maintenance.

Water Distribution:

From basic water supply to the most specific pressure boosting and fire line pressure maintenance applications, Armstrong Series 4700 Vertical MultiStage pumps satisfy all water distribution requirements. The wide pressure range - from 10 psig to 430 psig (0.7 bar to 30 bar) - makes this product well suited for applications such as pressure washing of aircraft, trains, boats and road vehicles as well as spray washing of industrial parts and electronic components.


Water feed to machine tools, grease removal, cooling of lathes and molds ... water has many uses in the industrial market. The stainless steel design and wide temperature parameters of the Series 4700 Vertical MultiStage pump makes it an ideal unit for light industrial applications.

Water Treatment:

Water is becoming a precious commodity. Water transportation, demineralization, filtration, deionization and reverse osmosis all call for high pressure supply and hygienic considerations. The Armstrong Series 4700 Vertical MultiStage pump is made entirely with stainless steel wetted components, for most sizes and is well suited for these applications.


The excellent hydraulic efficiency of the Armstrong Series 4700 makes this pump a great choice for irrigation and sprinkling applications. Whether irrigating large farms or sprinkling parks and golf courses, the Armstrong stainless steel pump stages provide the best hydraulic efficiency in all power ranges. The compact design allows the best utilization of available space in pumping stations.

Armstrong, Vertical MultiStage Pumps, Series 4700

Design Features

  • Standard NEMA motors on all pumps

  • Integral thrust bearing on 5 HP and larger pumps to handle axial thrust loads

  • Liner ring is a self-aligning, floating design to prevent swelling at high temperatures

  • Tungsten carbide lower pump bearings and sleeves are standard construction for all services, providing maximum operating life

  • Direct drive pump and motor shafts are keyed for positive, reliable power transmission with no adjustments necessary

  • “Flexible” floating outer casing allows for thermal expansion in hot water applications, preventing deformation due to pressure fluctuations

  • Anti-erosion measures a dish-shaped insert is fitted to the intermediate casing designed to promote smooth flow and prevent high velocity areas that accelerate erosion

  • Square-edge six spline shaft (VMS 03-18) or twelve spline shaft (VMS 32-64) provides positive location and drive of impellers eliminating wear

  • Dimensions & flanges designed to match market-accepted dimensions for easy upgrade of existing installations

  • Silicon Carbide/Carbon/FPM mechanical shaft seal

  • Positive Sealing O-rings between intermediate casings provide excellent sealing and promote high efficiency operation

Typical Specifications


Supply and install, as shown on the plans and specifications, Armstrong Series 4700 Vertical MultiStage pump. The pump shall have a continuously rising curve from minimum head to shut off condition and shall have a motor installed that is suitable for the full range of the published performance curve.

  • Models VMS-03, 05, 10 & 18: All hydraulic components shall be manufactured from Type 304 stainless steel.
  • Models VMS-32, 45 & 64: Manufactured from Type 304 stainless steel with cast iron casing.

The 316L stainless steel shaft shall be fitted with Tungsten Carbide intermediary bearing(s).

Mechanical Seal

The mechanical seal shall be suitable for the full pressure and temperature range of the pump and shall be fitted with Carbon rotating face and Silicon Carbide stationary face.

Pedestal Bearing

The motor pedestal shall be fitted with an integral thrust bearing on pumps where the motor is greater than 5 HP.

The thrust bearing must be connected to the adapter and shaft in such a manner as to eliminate any transfer of pump axial loads to the motor, allowing standard NEMA design motors to be used.


The base mounted pump shall be assembled in a vertical shaft configuration with the suction and discharge connections being 180° in-line at the bottom.

Suction and discharge connections shall have same size flanges with an ANSI 150 (250 or 300, as appropriate) rating.


Supply a standard NEMA design 2-pole motor with the electrical characteristics, efficiency level and enclosure as indicated on the drawings.

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