Barnes,Packaged,Plumbing,SystemsBarnes,Packaged,Plumbing,SystemsBarnes Packaged Plumbing Systems are designed to handle wastes from lavatories, laundry tubs, floor drains, water closets, etc. and will push the water from below ground up to where normal drainage will handle it. Complete packages with basins and controls are available in many different sizes and configurations.
Heads To: 25 feet
Flows To: 150 g.p.m.

Flows To:
150 g.p.m.
Heads To:
25 feet
2 inches




  • Residential / Plumbing
  • Heavy duty sewage pump with rugged cast iron body and impeller.
  • Super-tuff 4" Sanoprene flexible pipe fitting inlet
  • Check valve
  • Packages are available pre assembled or un assembled.
  • Adjustable level control or mechanical float switch
  • Pump models may be selected based on design point criteria.
  • Additional accessories available.
  • Basement Genie Model can be used with many toilet models and can be installed free standing on any level surface (no need to destroy concrete floors) or the tank and piping can be hidden behind a wall or under the floor.

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