A Complete selection of control panels, float switches, rail systems, basins, hatches and competitive adaptors is available.

Oil Sensor Switch
The Barnes Oil Sensor Switch, BOSS, is designed to provide pump control and alarm notification of potentially threatening water and oil levels in simplex pumping applications. The BOSS features an innovative switch that senses the difference between oil and water to remove water from the tank, while preventing oil from being pumped into the environment.
Oil Sensor Switch

Battery Backup Inverter
Barnes Battery Backup Inverter System provides you added protection and peace of mind! The same pump can be on AC or DC power. The BBIS will automatically switch from AC power to DC battery power. (Recommended with either of the following pumps: SP33, SP50, SU25, or SU33).
Battery Backup Inverter System

Control Panels
Barnes control panels provide proven, reliable performance and potential malfunction warning. Simplex and Duplex models are contained within a NEMA 4X enclosure and are available with single or three phase power. All components are UL listed.
Versatrol Standard Panels
Stealth Control Panels

A variety of remote alarms with warning lights and/or annunciators for indoor or outdoor use may be specified. Require 120v power supply.
Simplex for Automatic Pumps
Remote Alarm Light

Level Controls, Floats and Junction Boxes
A full line of Pilot Duty or In-line level controls may be specified to meet pump installation requirements. Junction boxes are available in Simplex and Duplex models with NEMA 4X ratings. UL listed for select models.
Controls / Floats
Junction Boxes

Break Away Fittings
Barnes® break away fittings allow pump installation and removal without wet well entry or piping disconnection. Break away fittings provide easy access to all Barnes® 1 1/4" (32mm) thru 8" (200mm) submersible pumps; units may be adapted for other submersibles with similar discharge sizes. Available in non-sparking design.
1.25" - 3" BAF
3" Horizontal BAF
BAF 4X4 - 4X6
4" Hydromatic Adapter
4" & 6" Flygt Retrofit Kits
6" BAF
8" BAF
Intermediate Rail Supports
1.25" - 3" BAF Tech Notes
BAF 4X4 - 4X6 Brochure

Check and Ball valves are available in a variety of configurations for shut off, backflow prevention and easy pump removal.

Basin & Covers
A full line of heavy duty fiberglass basins and covers are available for the large jobs requiring extra storage capacity and/or tank depth.
Basins & Covers
Access Doors

Pump Hoists
500lb and 1600lb pump hoists for installation next to wet well cover. Allows safe and easy removal of pump from guide rail systems.

Starters & Contactors
NEMA 1 Simplex starters and contactors are available as an economic choice for reliable pump operation on single and three phase units up to 25hp.
Starters & Contactors

Capacitor / Relay Packs
Plate mounted capacitor/relay packs are used to assist in retrofitting a single phase SGV or 4SE Barnes pump to another brand control panel.
Capacitors / Relay Packs