Centrifugal,Process,Pumps,WMCA,API-685,WarrenderCentrifugal Process Pumps:

The WARRENDER WMCA API-685 alloy centrifugal process pumps (superseding the MCA) are built for critical services and extreme system pressures in full accordance with the API-685 specifications. The WMCA designs are the benchmark for heavy-duty seal-less process pumps. The WMCA API-685 process pump offers the utmost in versatility and reliability in the most Horizontal,End Suction,Centrifugal,Process,Pump,ISO-2858 Series,Warrenderhazardous and severe applications. WMCA alloy centrifugal mag-drive designs are available in API 610, API 685 and API 685 multistage configurations. Dynamically balanced, back-to-back impellers allow for minimal axial load on multistage units.


  • Casing built with heavy wall thicknesses

  • The standard one-piece Hastelloy C276 containment housing exceeds ASME pressure vessel codes; rated for 350 PSI working pressures with capabilities to 1500 PSI

  • External lubrication maintains highest pressure differential, enabling dead-head operation

  • Backed by silicon carbide thrust bearings, impeller pump-out vanes balance axial thrust

  • Quick-change rear cartridge assembly (an WMCA standard) allows for replacement and restart-up within 10 minutes

  • Dual back-pull-out design or service either hydraulic end or ball bearing assembly

Technical Data:

  • Flow: 8-4500 GPM (2-1000 M³/H)

  • Head: To 3850 F (1173 M)

  • Centrifugal,Process,Pumps,WMCA,API-685,WarrenderTemp: -248 to 840°F (-150 to 449°C)

  • System Pressures: 7250 PSIG (500 Bar)


  • AISI 316 or 316L SS, Cast steel WCB (Casing and Impeller only), Alloy 20, Monel-400, Hastelloy B or C-276