Thermoplastic, Turbine, Seal-Less, Mag-Drive Pumps, MT Series, WarrenderMT Series Thermoplastic Turbine Pumps:

MT Series machined thermoplastic regenerative turbine seal-less mag-drive Pumps are Ideally suited to low flow applications, MT regenerative turbine pumps avoid oversized centrifugals, that require flow by-passing and excessive horsepower. MT non-metallic turbine designs have excellent chemical resistance and extremely low wear characteristics. Variation in head calculations have minimal effect on the flow of a turbine pump. Also, turbine pumps can be throttled to a required duty point without by-passing.


  • Exclusive solid machined PP or PVDF casings and impeller components

  • Heavy casing wall thicknesses

  • Resists external corrosion

  • Self-balancing impeller eliminates thrust bearing wear

  • Handles up to 20% entrained gas, resists cavitation

  • Direct starting, standard NEMA motors

Technical Data:

  • Flow: 0.6-65 GPM (0.13-13M³/H)

  • Head: 180 Feet (55 M)

  • Temp: To 200°F (95°C)

  • System Pressures: 100 PSIG (7 Bar)