MTA Series,Machined,Billet,Single Stage,Regenerative,Turbine,Seal-Less,Magnetic Drive,Mag-Drive,Pumps,WarrenderMTA Series-Machined Billet-Single Stage.:

WMTA machined billet alloy regenerative turbine seal-less mag-drive pumps (superseding the MTA) can be constructed for high system pressures and special alloy configurations. All WMTA pumps are equipped with zero leakage magnetic couplings to meet the latest toxic emissions regulations. The absence of elaborate mechanical seal systems eliminates costly pump maintenance, lost production time and process contamination.  Variations in head calculations have minimal effect on the flow of a turbine pump. Also, turbine pumps can be throttled to a required duty point without by-passing.


  • High head/low flow capability minimizes by-pass requirements and prevents overheating of centrifugals and high head cavitation

  • Self balancing impeller-Zero axial thrust loading

  • Impeller design handles up to 20% entrained gas-ideal for pumping liquefied gases

  • No galling or metal to metal contact

  • Heavy duty alloy containment shell

  • High torque magnets, suitable for direct starting motors

Technical Data:

  • Flow: .25-45 GPM (.5-10 M³/H)

  • Head: To 700 F (213 M)

  • Temp: -148 to 600°F (-100 to 316°C)

  • System Pressures: 7250 PSIG (500 Bar)


  • AISI SS-316 Stainless Steel, Alloy-20, Incoloy-825, Hastelloy-C27