ANSI,Inline Pump,Deming,PumpsDeming Vertical ANSI Inline Chemical and Process Pumps space saving, back pull-out design allows versatile applications in a wide range of industries. Available in 11 size configurations.

Deming Vertical ANSI Inline Chemical and Process Pumps meet the dimensional requirements of ANSI B73.2

Heads To: 390 feet
Flows To: 1,200 g.p.m

Models: Series 3180
Flows To: 1,200 g.p.m.
Heads To: 390 feet
Discharge: 1 - 4 inches
HP: 1/2 - 50
RPM: 1750 or 3450

  • General Industrial
  • Process Applications
  • Casing - Heavy one-piece casting with flanged suction and discharge on common center line.

  • Impeller - Fully enclosed one-piece design. Balance chamber provides control of stuffing box pressure and limits axial thrust. Replaceable wear ring optional.

  • Shaft & Sleeves - Renewable hook type shaft sleeve protects motor shaft against wear, extends beyond gland for maximum sealing.

  • Top Pull-Out Simplifies Maintenance - Complete rotating assembly easily removed for inspection without disturbing piping. Full circle register protected by confined gasket assures permanent alignment.

  • Stuffing Box Cover - Extra deep for five packing rings, lantern ring and split gland.

  • Motor - Standard vertical close coupled JP motors available in various enclosures. Heavy shaft and short over hang provides less than .002 deflection at face of stuffing box.

  • Interchangeability - Maximum interchangeability of components assures easy maintenance and reduced inventory requirements. The eleven casings and impellers may be grouped into any of the motor size ranges. Within each group, the shaft sleeve and mechanical seal components are identical.

  • Dual Purpose Jack Screws - Built-in Jack Screws simplify removal and protect mechanical seal during disassembly. Packing box cover held securely in place on adapter after pull-out.

Download Inline ANSI Pumps Brochure