End,Suction,ANSI,Process,Centrifugal,Pump,Deming,PumpsAll purpose centrifugal pump designed to B75.1 specifications, heavy duty service for liquid ranging from water and light hydrocarbons to heavy slurries. 14 sizes available with high temperature ranges to 600 degrees.

Heads To: 650 feet
Flows To: 1,000 g.p.m.

Models: 3060 Series
Flows To: 1,000 g.p.m.
Heads To: 650 feet
Discharge: 1 - 4 inches

  • Chemical, Petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, pwoer plants, pollution and water treatment, sugar mining.
  • General Industrial
  • Process Applications
  • ANSI dimension interchangeability on most sizes.
  • Back pull out construction.
  • Open design, accurately balanced, large smooth-contoured flow passages, superior solid and slurry handling ability.
  • Low NPSH reqirements.
  • Back pumpout vanes to maintain clear liquid passage and reduce pressure at stuffing box.
  • Sealess bearing chamber.
  • Inboard and outboard seals protect bearing reservoir from contamination by moisture or outside liquids.
  • Replaceable shaft sleeve option.
  • Easy external impeller adjustment.
  • Oil lubed bearing frame is standard.

Download End Suction ANSI Pumps Brochure