Drum, Pump, Type F 430, Mechanical Seal, Flux, PumpsFeatures and benefits:

  • unique barrel pump design in PP and PVDF throughout the world: a steel cored inner tube provides the ultimate in stability and extended service life of the mechanical seal - even at high temperatures

  • sealed inner tube, the liquid being pumped cannot enter the inner tube

  • suitable for transferring almost every low viscosity fluid

  • optimum barrel emptying due to ideal impellor design

  • to be stripped for cleaning with a minimum of effort

  • version in stainless steel and Hastelloy C tested and certified according to ATEX-Directive 94/9/EC, category 1/2, for use in Zone 0 – EC-Type-Examination Certificate No. PTB 00 ATEX 4110 X

Functional View:

  • the inner tube houses the shaft, sealed by a mechanical seal. Consequently the shaft does not come into contact with the liquid except for the small section between the impellor and seal

Pump Available In:

  • stainless steel 316 Ti (S)

  • Hastelloy C (HC)

  • aluminium alloy (AL)

  • Polypropylene (PP)

  • Polyvinylidenfluoride (PVDF)

Immersion length:

  • 20", 27", 39", 47", 60", 72", 79", 98", 118" (other lengths on request)

Picture Shows:

  • Pump Type F 430 PP with commutator motor FEM 4070 – the ideal solution for transferring acids and alkaline solutions

Performance Curve

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