G&L Series A-C 2000 End Suction Centrifugal Pumps

G&L Series A-C 2000, End Suction Centrifugal Pumps, G & L PumpsEnd suction series A-C 2000 pumps are available in 1.5” through 8” sizes. Motor sizes through 200 HP, flows to 3100 GPM and heads to 360 ft. All are bronze-fitted construction with working pressure that varies by size from 175-215 psi with 125 psi. There are two configurations, frame mounted and closed coupling.

The frame mounted configuration comes with an ANSI-OSHA-compliant coupling. The coupled configuration is designed for use with NEMA standard close coupled pump motors.


  • General Industry

  • Water Supply Condenser

  • Water Transfer Chilled and Hot Water Circulation

Features and Benefits:

  • Rear pull-out, center line discharge and hydraulic balance – three highly desirable design features are combined to provide reliable performance at low operating costs.

  • The highly efficient 2000 Series pump is also unsurpassed in energy conservation, an increasingly important consideration as energy costs continue to climb.

  • Whenever end suction frame mounted pumps are needed, the 2000 Series pump offers more benefits per dollar spent than any other pump at any price.

End Suction Frame Mounted – Models 100 and 150


  • Capacity: to 3100 GPM

  • Head: to 360 ft. TDH

  • Temperature: to 250°F

End Suction Close Coupled – Model 600


  • Capacity: to 2000 GPM

  • Head: to 360 ft. TDH

  • Temperature: to 250°F